this dude made a a boss


  • i made a sixteen note/trigger laser harp last year with my son for a school project:
    - 5mw laser modules & photo cells set in a wooden frame
    - arduino with custom shield that senses when laser beams are interrupted. (the thing with the blue led's in one of the attached pictures. the mess all around it is a physical representation of how my brain is organized.)
    - pd patch to process arduino output and generate midi - i've got different subpatches that generate scales or chords, and that trigger samples

    972 x 648 - 647K
    972 x 648 - 541K
    972 x 648 - 602K
  • pfff....been done...and better

    lol ;)

  • Treating a held note differently from a plucked one to trigger different instruments is nice. And the feedbacker's hold mode is genius.

  • Haha! That beamz device has been on these forums before. But the commercial for it really beats the rest.

    Then the remix:

  • @egon77,
    That makes so much more sense! I watched the remix earlier without having seen the original. Much confusion.