My ableton drum rack midi maps for midiox/midiyoke and monome 64

  • Hello,

    I thought someone else might find these midi map files I made useful.

    They turn the monome 64 into a controller for ableton's drum racks while mapping the cells in the order they are displayed on screen.

    One splits the monome into 4 quadrants and allows you to control 16 cells of 4 different drum rack tracks. (Choose midi yoke port 4 channel 1 to 4 for each track in ableton.)

    The other splits the monome in half and allows you to control 32 cells of 2 different drum rack tracks. (Choose midi yoke port 4 channel 1 to 4 for each track in ableton.)

    4 Drum Racks:

    2 Drum Racks:

    To use them:

    1) Install midi yoke and midi ox from

    2) Set up monome serial application like so:

    I/O Protocol: MIDI
    Input Device: In from Midi Yoke 3 (or possibly 4?)
    Input Channel: 16
    Output Device: Out to Midi Yoke 3 (or possibly 4?)
    Output Channel: 16

    3) (Optional?) Open midi ox port routing and set the input to Midi Yoke 3 and the Output to Midi Yoke 4 with the .oxm map file that I made as the map file in the connection properties node that appears between the input and output graphics.

    4) Make sure the correct map .oxm file is loaded in the "MIDI data mapping transforms" dialog

    5) Turn in from midi yoke 4's track and sync settings on in ableton's midi settings

    6) Turn in from midi yoke 3's settings off in ableton's midi settings so the midi data only goes into live on channel 4

    7) Turn out to midi yoke 3s track setting on if you want the monome to light up when you trigger a button/cell

    8) Have fun!

  • Oh step 8) should be set up 4 or 2 tracks with drum racks on them and choose Midi From In from midi yoke 4 and channel 1, 2, 3 or 4 on each track.

    Step 9) is have fun.

  • Thank you very much for posting these up, I'm going to try them out now! I think this is exactly what I need though! :)

  • Hmm, I actually just checked out the applications you are supposed to download in step 1:

    midi yoke and midi ox from

    These seem to be apps for Windows, and I have a mac. Do I still need to download them, or is there an alternative I could use?

    If anyone is able to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks so much!



  • @sara
    on mac the iac drivers are the alternative :)

  • sorry... what kind of file is OXM? with the mac I can not open it.


  • .oxm relates to midi yoke. ignore it i guess?

  • Dovemouse, thank you! :)

  • Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the links have expired on sendspace.... any chance of uploading them again or just email them to

  • wow that's great... can't wait to get my monome up and running ugh

  • does anyone still have a copy of these? Or any other way to get the drum rack sync with the monome properly? it would be really nice to have some lights as well :-)

  • this is a pretty old forum, but i am relatively new to monome. would like to run my 64 with this app. running osx. I have the app in ableton but nothing from my monome. I am running serial osc

  • @Theb, i've got a patch up here under "MIDI" called Isonome 128. It's essentially a push on the left 8x8 and room for 16 pads of a drum rack on the right side. I'll see if I can't port a 64 version for you.

    give me time, as I need brush up on a bit of max before i get something your way, but i've been meaning to do this for a time.