My first monome gig in Richmond VA tomorrow night. Any tips?

  • Hey fam, I'm playing my first monome gig with the gs128 and mlrV exclusively. Any tips from you guys? Especially from experienced mlrV users.

    Details 6/5/10 @ 9:30 @ City Dogs in the Fan, Richmond VA.

  • No tips since I've yet to use one in a live situation but I will say this - RECORD IT so we can check it out :-)

    Good luck!

  • - make sure you have whatever you need to hook up to their system properly, or options if you're not sure
    - bring a back up plan. even an ipod thru a kaoss pad can save your ass if everything goes to hell for a bit
    - don't be afraid to reposition monitors if you need to, or ask for help from the sound man getting it to where it sounds good while you play. with something like mlrV you need to be able to hear that timing accurately, not after it's bouncing off the back wall at you
    - keep it simple, setup-wise and focus-wise. allow yourself space to go nuts and have fun but not get confused with what you have in front of you
    - don't leave your outlet strip (which everything you have is plugged into) in a place where you can kick it, mid set, killing all your shit and making things quiet for a few minutes while you set it all back up again (damnit)
    - don't get so drunk that all the buttons run together or, conversely, turn into a wonderful new gs256
    - people like it when you play the monome behind your head, ala jimi hendrix

  • @Earsmack - thanks, I will record it!

    @jmelnyk - great tips, i like the ala hendix idea

  • its all about the crowd! make them want you to drop it! they have to be begging for the big hit and then KABOOM! proceed to chop the fuck out of it and then add a lil delay to cool things off. repeat :).
    anyways if you have solid tunes than the crowd will always go with it.
    just my method of enlightenment :D!!!

  • no advice about performing (complete chicken here) but sending positive vibes from the DC area. Also good to know that there's at least one monomer that might play in DC some day. ;-)

    break a leg! hell, break both!

  • never get discouraged if the crowd ain't feelin you, or if the turn-outs less than what you expected. Their ears are simply not ready!

  • My first monome performance a few months ago was sparsely attended to say the least.

    It was my wife, my dad and his three drunk buddies, the dudes performing befoer and after me, and the one other monomer in town (hypno|sapien).

    I forgot my firewire800 cable for my interface which I didn't notice until I was setting up, so my wife had to jump in the car and go get it. But other than that it went fairly smooth.

    Afterwords you'll have that "today, this musty little dive, tomorrow the world" feeling.

  • practice setting up in the dark.
    have a check list.
    set up at the venue as soon as you - try not to leave anything till last minute ;)

  • jmel has this thread on lock!
    only thing i'd add....
    stay off the computer screen as much as humanly possible...
    and even though it will be hard.... talk to the crowd as much as you can too
    you know.......let em know your there with em, dont talk all night... but just throw a few shout outs in there...

  • thanks for the kind words and great tips from all, weaving a nice little thread here...

    i ready to drop some science and make the community proud. yeeah...

  • If you do wind up setting up early, I would suggest setting your laptop not to sleep is a good idea. I've had monomeserial drop the connection to the monome after my laptop got closed and the thing went to sleep. Had to reboot from scratch at the last moment, which was tense ;)

  • been trying to find this post for you - finally found it!

    good comments and a good article!

  • re: what lokey's saying -- i dunno if it's different between windows and mac, but if your lights start freaking out or something requires you to unplug the monome for a bit, leave mlrV on.

    (i've never been in a situation where i've had to reboot the computer completely, but sometimes my 256 has had power problems and i've had to reboot the monome)

    if you find your monome wigging out, but max is behaving ok, just close monome serial and unplug the monome, leaving mlrv on and playing.

    people may pick up that something's wrong, but if the sound keeps going, it will be far far less disastrous than if you have to cut it off.

    plug monome back in and relaunch monome serial, and your lights should jump right back into the swing of things.

    other than that, elsea's article in the thread dovemouse linked is pretty useful.

  • have a pre gig dump. Thats what i have always done. Dont spill beer on your gear.

  • damn i wish i found the thread earlier, i could have shown up probably i was thinking of visiting all my buds who live in the fan this weekend but got tired. well let me know next time you play, perhaps we could play a show together in the future?

    edit: maybe i can still go....i thought it was last night haha

  • nice funky beats!

  • thanks the support guys. and great tips.

    @thesuper - it was nice to meet you man. we should try and put something together.