gs128 faceplate button template in jpeg/bitmap/gif

  • I know that there has to be a faceplate template for a gs128 floating around here, as I have seen others for the 256 and 64, I have tried the search fuction, and I cannot locate the a gs128 faceplate template thread. The reason I ask, is I would like to use some of the old tranparancies that were used in on overhead projectors, and then to print out use for easy button id on different apps, and being able to change them out on the fly. Any help would be greatly appreacated. Thanks

  • That would be cool..
    Altho i guess someone with spare time and illustrator skills could easily create an EPS / PDF /AI file ?
    We could print it and lay it on top of the faceplate (?)

    I can see an interest in drawing lines to visually "split" the button grid without damaging the original faceplate with permanent ink pens.. Hmmm..

  • @.rud - that was my thought exactly, plus you can print on it with a small font to label mater controls/pages/etc.. it would also stay in place because of the slight raise in the buttons. The main work would be in cutting the holes, but again you could just cut two big holes for 8x8 and 8x8, or 8x8 and then 7x7 with a 1x7 on the bottom and 7x1 on the side for master controls. also being able to "hot swap" them with out having to re-label them.

    //figured it would be easier to ask if someone already has made one, before I attempt using my uber-l33t photoshop/illistrator skills

  • That would be dope.. i'd definitely make my monome look like the fruity loops step sequencer