mlr...swing on the quantize??

  • is there an mlr out there where you can add swing to the quantize/button presses?

    i havent been around in a while so i'm not sure what kind of updates ppl have made to their mlrs.

    i think it'd be pretty cool to add this in, if its possible...anybody else feel the same way or is it just me?


  • That's a tricky one.

    If you have two clips of the same length, and you simultaneously hit, say, the second button on one of them and the third button on the other, do they continue to swing in time with each other?

    If so, your app is adding the swing to those clips, based on a global clock. That's its own can of worms.

    If not, your app is creating sounds that might not be pleasant to listen to.

  • I know molar has a swing function. Its pretty deep app, and I'm no expert but you should look into that maybe?

  • your best bet is to have the loops you're putting in mlr to already have the swing applied.

  • handy tip #245:

    turn off quantization

  • hmm i know nuthin of programming so i dont/didnt know how the coding would work for it....i also didnt really think the idea thru at its inception (doh!)...thinkin about it more, the swing may not be as cool as i could be cool for drum loops and such, but would add a weird element to loops if the swing was always applied to the global it would affect the inbetween steps of a loop..the swing would cause the loops to trigger/sound different wouldnt they? my original thought was that it might be cool to record patterns with swing applied...maybe not always applied to the global clock for everything?

    quantization off actually sounds much more appealing and prob better solution overall...i wasnt aware u could turn it off in mlr?? how do u do that? is it just in the quantization drop down box?

    thanks to all for the responses!!

  • no quantization may only be possible in mlrv - i don't think it's implemented in mlr2.27 :: if you're going down this path, make sure you persevere without quantize for a while as it wil have a very different feel to what you're used to. don't give up without giving it a good go!

    you could also stay quantized and just use loops that are already swung. this creates some nice flows for on and off the beat when you get the timing right.

    see: for inspiration

  • hmm wouldn't it be nice if each row (or group) can have its own quantization ;)

  • I am working on a new app (tentatively called "loopy") for my 128 which makes use of the leftmost 8 buttons in a row to select 1 or more loops to play in momentary, trigger, or loop mode and the rightmost 8 buttons in the row to chop samples mlr stylee. The left buttons can be used to turn samples on/off. AND... Each row (sort of equivalent to a stop group in mlr) can have it's own quantization setting. At the moment I work in PD, but hope to switch to max or m4l when I have some funds to do so.

  • =( im using an aes edit version of MLR...prob why i never saw the quantize off option...never used it worth the switch? i guess ill havta get it and find out! ill check that vid when i get home filters (boo)! sounds like it goin to be 128 specific? i guess with the 64 there isnt enough buttons to do what u are doin..?

  • @pirx....row independent quantize sounds delicious =P

  • @ringo - i am initially working on a 128 version, because that's what i have and it won't involve swapping pages, but i have built in some hooks so i can create a 64 version where you would use a single button in the top row to toggle between "pages," with one page being for sample selection and the other being for sample slicing.

  • @bongo...oh righteous man...keep us(me) informed!

    side note: can't wait to get my macbook and start using monomal w/ modul8......slicing vidz and audio at the same time!!!

  • mlrv: "is it worth the switch?"

    no need to "switch" — just try it out!

  • lol right on...poor choice of words on my part...the interface of mlrV looks a bit more involved than the "standard" mlr layout...i think that is what deterred me in the past from trying it

    would it be possible to implement the quantize off into an older version of mlr? if so, would it be easy to do or complicated? i dont know how to code but would be willing to donate to someone who was willing/interested in doin this....any takers? =)

  • it's easy enough — you can probably do it yourself. but honestly give mlrv a try and spend 30minutes working it out. there is a great walkthrough from bitbutter on the wiki, and you might just find some extra features that you like.