[FS] Original logic boards

  • Im thinking about selling my logic boards to upgrade to the new bus powered logic board next month. I have a 256 which should be completely finished at the end of the week but im very interested in the bus power version. I would be willing to part with the 3 boards from the 40h kit and one from the original 64 for around €50 + postage. This would be ideal for anyone building a monome with the original, livid of sparkfun button pads. I also cuts out having to load firmware onto a chip. At this stage I just want to see is anyone interested and is it worth my while as ive already spent about €1300 on my 256 (ouch!)

  • would you be willing to break up the lot i am after 2 (the 64 and a 40h preferably) what price where you meaning 50 each or for all?

  • id take two 40h and the 64! Give me a price and id take this.

  • The details for the new kit have been posted . The ship date has been pushed back to the 16th of July and as I have a gig on the 24th i'm going to have to delay the sale of these. They will be available late july if I manage to get a hold of the new kit with four drivers. The price still stands at €50 euro + shipping as the new logic + 4 drivers will cost me at least €250 with tax and shipping. Cheers for the interest and ill revive this topic mid summer!

  • nevermind

  • @funkymunky

    are you still planning on selling these?

  • I am yeah, assuming that I get one of the new logic boards tomorrow.

    Is 1pm EST is 6pm GMT??

  • it is indeed mate!.

    Is it 50euro for all 4 yeah? plus shipping..

    if so ill take all 4.

  • yeah if deanjkd hadn't got these, I would have taken them in a flash, so if you still need buyers, i'm here too!

  • no, its €50 euros each, they cost me over 100 each with the shipping and tax and such. Shipping to europe will be around €10. Im keeping one of them for a friend. He wants the one with the accelerometer on it.

  • ahh no worries mate, i thought i was just getting an absoloute bargain haha.

    Ill leave it and try go for one of the new kits mate as its a 128 im going for cheers.

  • Just to let everyone know that these are now available!! I got my new kit in the post this morning. There is 3 of them left.