mlrV : Quantize? - Buffer? - Rewire? - Myr?

  • Hi there...

    Sorry about the topic, but so much questions...:-)
    New to all of these (just got my gs64 2 weeks ago!)
    About mlrV first:

    -Got some Quantize problems: Even if i'm really precise in hitting pads (in /16 note quantize), response is quite random...Only solution is "none" quantize (to have good response), but you don't always want it !!!
    I really have to anticipate a bit to have the sound starting when i want...
    Any relationship with the buffer size???And by the way, what's the difference between "in/out" buffer and "signal" buffer???
    64 for the first one (that's what my Digi 002 interface allow me!!!!) and 16 for the second...When i use the built in core audio, i can go to 16, but everything is like 4 bits quantize!!
    Any solutions???

    -Also trying to have mlrV rewired in my ProTools...but can't do it..
    Is that possible??

    Last one:
    - The mlrV Myr version seems to be a really cool alternative (to 64 users!), but when launching it, got this message (in a small yellow banner on the upside: "stack overflow - audio disabled till message is cleared"...or something like that...

    THANX A LOT!!!!
    Reno (Belgium)