monomeserial for windows (in python)

  • hi everyone,

    i've been struggling with a few monome serial issues on windows for some time now (specifically /sys/report) and after attempting to fix my issue in monomeserial for windows and failing horribly, i decided to wait until the next generation of monomeserials to continue my development.

    since these haven't quite materialized yet, i got it in my head last weekend that i would find some solution for the /sys/report issue. after trying a few things i decided to go ahead and write monomeserial over again in python.

    there's nothing here that isn't standard monomeserial functionality (and some of the more esoteric calls may not be fully / correctly implemented) but it fills a need for me right now and maybe it'll help others too, so here it is. i've implemented basic tilt/adc functionality as well but as i don't own a device with anything connected to an adc port, it's difficult for me to test.

    i should mention that this particular implementation is windows-specific due to a ftdi serial library i used that only has a windows version available. that part could probably be replaced w/ a more standard serial library to port it to other platforms if desired.

    there is no gui, but everything can be changed via osc messages. this includes offsets, prefixes, cable orientation, etc. there's an included '' that has some examples (it's basically the file i used to test stuff during development).

    anyway i don't expect this to generate much excitement as i'm sure most of the windows users out there are satisfied with their monomeserial implementations, but i figured i'd share anyway. please post up your experiences/any bugs you find/etc.

    this is a very early release and is mostly intended for fellow developers who have an interest in this. ie. it's not very well documented, it hasn't been very thoroughly tested (basic tests seem good though). it's pretty easy to use however, just:

    1) download / install python 2.6.5:
    2) download / install pyUSB:
    3) unzip this package and double click

    anyway i'll leave it at that for now. thanks for looking.

  • this is fantastic. i'll be scouring it as reference for serialosc-- promise it's coming quickly.

  • nice, i hope it's helpful. don't hesitate if you have any questions.

    i did kind of wuss out on the frame implementation (you'll see it). i fought with doing this with columns/rows when the offset isn't % 8 = 0, but ended up going the led route just to get it out there (hitting complexity w/ cable orientation and /sys/offset stuff). i'm sure we can come up with a better implementation.

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  • I ve got a love/hate thing with these spam bots.
    Not sure how I missed this post, but glad it poped up again.
    will give this a shot today!

  • here is a re-link for the pyUSB

  • still must check this out.

  • thanks for the interest. i just uploaded a new version with a few bug fixes (edited original post). seems to work well for me although i haven't tested it much outside of pages and haven't tested tilt. let me know how it goes.