Finally finished 256!!

  • Here a few pics of my pretty much finished 256. I plan to put one of the new logic boards into it when they are released to lower the profile of the monome but for now it is fully working. The case is made from LEGO using the LEGO builder from the website and the faceplate was ordered from

    It has been in the works since May last year and it is great to have it finished. Thanks to everyone on the monome community for all the help in getting my project finished and ill gladly help anyone if they want to go the same route with construction as me.

    Got my first gig with it in about 2 weeks, videos to follow.

    1198 x 897 - 1M
    1197 x 898 - 1M
    1199 x 900 - 1M
  • Looks great--I'm impressed! And LEGO no less? Perfect.

  • niiiice

  • hey f_unky - is there any chance you'd share the build file from the lego program? I just started working on it - but wouldn't mind some help.

  • Wow man everything look great together! Shows all the effort you put into it.

    Love the blue LEDs with the black Lego.

  • @pxt0909 What size are you building? Are you using original Monome buttons? I can resize my design if you want. Its a pretty tight fit on the inside with very little room to spare.

    The lego enclosure worked better than I could have hoped. Its pretty rigid and I don't even need to glue the blocks.

  • man that looks sweet. 40h keypads?

  • that is beautiful dude....!!!

  • @f_unky - i too would be interested in using your lego build file if that's something you can/would be willing to share.

  • incredible. love the 40h button 256. and lego, no less!

  • 256 with livid buttons - thx! I guess what I was trying to figure out is the base plate. From the blocks panel, all I had was like a 8x32 or something rectangular - I'm mainly wondering, did you have one solid base plate, or did have to stack and overlap smaller base plates to make one large enough for your 256? I think I got the rest of it planned - but we'll see. :) Thanks! And nice work!!

  • It seems to run of bus power as it is...... I only noticed it today when using it that it wasn't plugged in to the power socket??

    @ bongo
    What size monome and what buttons are you using. Would be happy to share the design but I only have it made for a 256 with original buttons

    @ pxt0909
    For the base I used the "LEGO-Creator-628-Xlarge-Baseplate" available at amazon. its 15" by 15" which is fine for original Monome buttons, don't know about livid pads though....

  • that's not a two fifty six

    That's a too-sexy six

    Great job there, looks excellent!

  • too sexy six, ROFL.. comedy....

  • @f_unky - I will be making both a 64 and a 256 with livid buttons. At this point I just want to play with lego designer to get a feel for it. Starting with your design would really help.

  • Ive attached the .lxf file I used for my enclosure. I went to the pick a brick web site to buy the parts as the lego builder was about €20 more expensive.

    From picture lego1.png you can see the the inside of the enclosure. I used double width blocks to get clearence for the logic boards and then some flat pieces to get close to the top so the faceplate would be flush. I glued the faceplate to the inside flat pieces. They can still be removed if need be. You can find the measurements of blocks here:

    lego2.png shows a few of the parts removed so you might get a better idea. Just load it up in the lego builder anyway.

    435 x 210 - 56K
    454 x 237 - 60K
  • @f_unky - thanks amigo - when I finally get my faceplate I'll measure and go from there. I think the real trick is the base. I may end up gluing legos to lexan for my base if it won't measure up right.

  • @pxt0909,

    If that doesn't measure up right, maybe fill the gaps with sugru?

    (bonus: it bonds with aluminum as well as plastic)

  • beautifully done!

    and sugru is amazing stuff too.

  • Never heard of sugruff?? I used Araldite two part glue, its really strong when it sets but its also very messy, get a few small bits on the front of the plate thats not that noticeable but really annoys me!

  • How did you attach faceplate to Lego?