mlr Aes top row functions

  • hello,

    mlr 2.27 is quite clear on it's top row functions, and they work.
    mlr 3 Aes 0.3 has no text attachment explaining somewhat confusing top row functions, and this far i have not been able to make any patterns working yet.
    I really want to use that installment.
    Any detailed list will be appreciated, so i might be able to understand how Drone's exquisite vid was done.


  • well if you have a 40 h, then the second to last button on the top (going to the right) access the 4 record banks, and the record banks are the first top four buttons going to the right. clicking the second to last button again will put you back into the original area. if that makes sense. the last button on the top going to the right is a preset picker or something like that, i am trying to figure that one out to.

  • Hit the button labelled 'HELP'. That should hopefully tell you all you need to know. There are button layout diagrams and very basic documentation about the edit there.

    I'll try to update this with slightly more in depth docs soon.

  • thanks for the help,
    i'll put my brain in my fingers

  • hey aesoteric! well done on an awesome edit of mlr, i love the two extra pattern recorders. heres a quick question- given that i have no programming experience in max, how hard would it be for me to alter mlr so that the mute keys mute tracks even if they have a pattern playing? as it is muting just mutes it till the next key press of the pattern, which i dont find as useful as the alternative. im sure it wouldnt be rocket science but do you think id be able to manage on the 30days demo of max? ta! x

  • Hey LolitaComplex,

    Thanks for the kind words. Are the mutes you are talking about the 'row off' buttons, on the main page? My edit removed the actual channel mutes (the buttons beneath each volume slider) from the Monome itself, as there wasn't enough room for them without over-complicating everything.

    It wouldn't take much to re-instate them, but the question is more where to put them.

    30 days is probably long enough to figure out how to do it - but it does depend on how many hours each day you can spend, and whether you have any basic understanding of simple programming concepts.

  • No problem fella...
    Im not sure exactly what you mean,but yes i mean the row offs along the top. they stop the row, but only if a pattern isnt playing. so if one is, youve got to hit the seventh key along the top to get back into the pattern row, turn it off, then flip back to turn the group off. what im after is being able to hit the row off while a pattern is playing, and it either mute the track (preferable, with the pattern still playing), or just turn it off.

    that way there'd be no lack of keys to do the job.

    am I just being stupid here?

  • I'm going to have to agree with lolitacomplex's issue here. I've thought about the same thing when playing with mlr. (BTW, great version, Aesoteric). I'll be wanting to stop a group from playing and the pattern record plays any row that you've recorded button presses for.

    This is actually a very tricky problem. If you just mute the group channels, it takes away the ease of stopping a row from playing. However, I found out that if you do the short row loop (pressing two buttons at once) backwards (ex. 5th and then 3rd button), it will play a short snippet and stop the row. But, this seems like an unsatisfactory solution for stopping the row.

    Next, I don't see how using the mute groups (as they are now) can stop a particular pattern recorder from playing. The pattern recorders can work on multiple rows. I don't think that each row should have it's own pattern recorder either because right now multiple pattern recorders can work on the same row! (Very useful).

    I feel like writing about this stuff is very hard for some reason. Any thoughts on solutions?

  • love the new version... working great!

    I can't figure out the pattern buttons though... i go into mod 1 and press them and the stay lit, seem to loop in mlr but they don't play back the pattern I played.

    Am i doing something wrong?

  • not sure on that one adcbicycle, mod page> enable pattern> record seems to work fine for me, maybe check the pattern loop lengths and make sure you fill it up?

    as for the whole 4 pattern recorders being too much, I dont know- it depends what your using them for i reckon- for example, getting a load of beats in the same group then using layered patterns to build it up benefits massively from having four+ pattern recorders. if I eventually get my shit down in max id build an edit of mlr solely for beat making purposes. one group and 8 pattern recorders would be the bomb for making single loops.

    Back to the mute group issue in AES mlr though, if someone could knock a fix up fairly easily id be more than happy to paypal them a bit of cash for their troubles. Itd help me out a great deal.

    I can see getting my 64 yesterday has opened up a whole universe of new things to do and learn- looks like max is sitting at the top of the pile next to saving up for a larger model. (edit- along with getting a cheap video camera to show you all the awesome shit ive coming up with in the last day!)

    Oh the possibilities!

  • goosehalo- I understand what you mean now, youre right, it is quite tricky given that using a row off to cancel a playing pattern might be interfering with any other row thats using that same pattern recorder. Unless hitting a row off cancelled any patterns playing on that row AND any others rows being used in that pattern? The alternative being that it just cancelled the pattern on the row tha you hit the row off for, and left any other rows being played by that pattern playing. It depends really on whether these two+ rows being played in one pattern are part of the same group or not, if they were the second method would botch the pattern up.
    Im stumped, but I cant do it myself anyway! Grr.
    It would be very useful to be able to sort out though, saving a load of quick mod page switching and trying to mute everything before it goes out line.

    And I agree on it being hard to put all this into words. I can hardly describe what I mean

  • 4 pattern recorders seems right to me, even on the 64. I like having 2 pattern recorders on the same group (or row) where one could be a simple pattern and the second could be embellishments that you can easily take off without disturbing the first pattern.

    Although, if we want to free up buttons on the top row, 4 groups seems just fine. It's what I end up using anyway. Maybe you could have extra groups selectable on the computer if you absolutely need them. That may not make sense aesthetically though.

    So in conclusion, I haven't made any theoretical progress yet. I haven't made a program in Max/MSP in two years and even then I never integrated it with hardware.

  • Thanks for the help...
    I tried again this morning and still can't get it working... but realized it's not just AES version, but the original mlr is not working either.
    used to work fine... strange.
    I press the pattern button, play patterns below but the pattern button light stays lit (no blinking) and does not replay patterns, but pattern bar in mlr starts to loop.