Need some Help!!

  • Hi there...

    Sorry about the topic, but so much questions...:-)
    New to all of these (just got my gs64 3 weeks ago!)
    About mlrV first:

    -Got some Quantize problems: Even if i'm really precise in hitting pads (in /16 note quantize), response is quite random...Only solution is "none" quantize (to have good response), but you don't always want it !!!
    I really have to anticipate a bit to have the sound starting when i want...
    Any relationship with the buffer size???And by the way, what's the difference between "in/out" buffer and "signal" buffer???
    64 for the first one (that's what my Digi 002 interface allow me!!!!) and 16 for the second...When i use the built in core audio, i can go to 16, but everything is like 4 bits quantize!!
    Any solutions???

    -Also trying to have mlrV rewired in my ProTools...but can't do it..
    Is that possible??

    Last one:
    - The mlrV Myr version seems to be a really cool alternative (to 64 users!), but when launching it, got this message (in a small yellow banner on the upside: "stack overflow - audio disabled till message is cleared"...or something like that...

    THANX A LOT!!!!
    Reno (Belgium)

    PS : Oh, by the way, how can i save my tempo settings ??

  • quantize really works that way, you have to press right before the note to trigger. just keep playing and you'll get used to it. when i started it didn't feel right at first, but my mental facilities adjusted to it eventually.

    i think you need to adjust the buffer parameters from your soundcard control panel, not from mlrv itself..

    mlrv works in rewire with ableton, not sure about protools.

  • Thanx pirxthepilot...

    Know anything about the Myr version??
    Maybe I have to use the full Max version...I only have Runtime...:-(

  • the stack overflow is an error that occurred after max 5.1 so you can either get an older version or give the link to the version of mlr you're using and i'll fix it for you :)

  • Hi dovemouse...

    I downloaded the Myr mlr version on this page:
    If you can do something, could be really great!!!
    If not, i'll try to "downgrade" my Runtime version...

    Thanx a lot!!!


  • Hi Maersk...

    Sorry...I just came back to this page and saw that i wrote "dovemouse"...Is that the same person or distraction????
    Anyway, if you can do something to that mlr version (in order to run with Max Runtime 5.1), ....I would be so happy!:-)
    My English's gone...



  • my fault - changed my name!
    try this out :)

  • Thanx!!!I'll try this tonight...

  • Thank you DoveMaersk :-)
    It works...Some strange things in the patch anyway;
    No more xplus8 function (shift does "shift" for the first row, but does not replace the xplus8 function for the samples ...)
    Is there anyone able to make the ideal patch for me??
    We could make services exchanges!!!I'm sound engineer, so my money could be some mix or mastering...
    Would like, for example, to have the quantize steps assigned to laptop keyboard numbers...
    By the way, even if i set this to "none", i can't play the cues as fast as i want to...and sometimes, it bugs if i go too fast...
    Any ideas???

    Thanx a lot!!