Monomeserial doesn't output OSC type tag?

  • Does monomeserial output an OSC type tag or does MAX just not support type tags? Or am I misunderstanding something about the OSC protocol? Is there any way I can use tcpdump in terminal to monitor the raw output coming from monomeserial (I feel like this may clear some things up)? I tried tcpdump -i lo0, which gave me messages corresponding to button presses, but they were not remotely descriptive (even with verbose logging on).



  • use netcat instead. "nc -ulp 8000" should give you slightly more meaningful messages.

  • That definitely gave more meaningful messages. Now I am getting /box/press,111 for a button press (any button press or release). Netcat must not be interpreting the int's from monomeserial properly? That's fine, but I still don't see an OSC type tag. So does monomeserial just not do that because it's not supported in MAX, etc (as I understand)?

    Thanks for the tip.


  • i think that monome serial does NOT output the type tags.

    but, looking at the monome serial source, you can see that all button presses are typecast to ints before calling the OscAtom.setValue() function (which is conveniently overloaded to all hell =)

    look around line 297 of if you're in Mac OS. if you're on PC or Linux, i'm not very helpful.