thesis is in, and i quit my job!

  • back on the forum. god i missed this place.

  • welcome back! now time for some space music.

  • i was wondering where you been... awesome, welcome back!

  • thanks!!!


    you know it!


    it's been a hard couple of months, but damn it felt good to tell the boss to... well... you get the picture.

  • @genko - glad to see you back. for what it's worth, some of your early mcrp tracks are part of what inspired me to get involved...

  • gennnnkkkooooooo!
    congrats man!

  • excuse the language of such scotsman but...

    i love this shit, well done

  • i was in the same place last year this time. Its a relief to get the thesis monkey off your back...

  • it's so good to hear from you guys again! it's weird, first thing i did when i got home was type in

    so tell me, is there anything new i should know about? mlr8? boinnnng for that huge 512? any new crazy apps?

  • Good to hear from you... But it would be irresponsible not to ask... Are cool set as far as money, or do we need to arrange an intervention?

    I mean...we care, is what I am trying to say.

  • hahahaha, well the job thing was... let's just call it creative differences with upper management. they thought i should work harder for less money, i thought they should take their paycheck and shove it up their collective asses.

    i'll get by on playing parties and such for the time being. plus! i could afford to lose a few pounds... hahahaha

  • Ah... Peace of mind. I see.

    Well, congratulations!

  • welcome back!

  • @tehn

    thanks! it's great to be back!