not a visually entrancing video, but good for your ears (i hope)

  • here is a video of my first stab at mlr

    not great sound quality, no flashing lights, just music and fingers tapping on a keyboard

    i hope you enjoy!

    comments and criticisms please.

    edit: i hope you guys dont mind this isnt actually a monome video, but since its a virtual one, and im using mlr i figured it was ok.

  • its a private clip at the moment. im interested to see it though, ive been up all night on mlr since the 64 arrived yesterday. im in love

  • fixed, haha i didnt know about that

  • Thanks for posting this, This just showed me how important the feedback from the lights on the monome are, I didn't realize how utterly important their role was until now.

    If any of that makes any sense, I'm tired and not all here.

    Dam you Quartz Composer @ 2 in the morning.

  • the hardest part is that the way the patch is right now, any key i press in any row except the first one i have to hold down in order for it to keep playing, thats why i was so heavy on the downbeat keys instead of any of the others.

    im still working on it and am trying to learn more about max to make this easier until my monome is finished.



    yeah i know exactly what you mean, there is no light output on the screen in front of me, im looking at mlr instead of the fake 40h (the led output on the screen is glitchy). i yearn to be able to press a button and see the light scroll from beneath my finger. and then to press two and see the lights scroll in reverse. there is a very good reason this was designed to have lights in every button. oh man i cant wait.