technical question while i wait..........

  • I have a 64 coming, and while i wait for the 2nd batch to get built and sent to me, i have started to enviously eye up pictures of the 128.

    If i were to go for a 64 kit as well as a pre built one, is there anyway of using 2 64s as a 128? The only issue i can see is getting the software and macbook pro to see them both as one device, rather than two - or am i over simplifying it?

  • as far as i know, a 128 is 2 64s side by side. if you check out this link there is lots of info on how a 128 can be assembled.

    check out this video timp posted recently of using 2 40hs side by side.

  • looking at the video it seems to be confirming it as a no

    the lights dont pass from one device to the next

    i realise that 2 64s side by side looks like a 128, but there is the issue of 2 usb ports required, and would monomeserial/max see the 2 units as 1 or 2 seperate units

  • david phipps' monome has 2 usb ports

    read the info on the first link

    and watch this video

  • sorry paul

    for some reason that first link didnt appear when i looked at your post, will check it now

  • let me know if this was the info you were looking for, im in the process of making a homebrew 128 myself and need to have 2 logic boards, 2 usb ports, etc, im doing it a little differently than david phipps did though

  • This is totally possible.

    You just need to set an appropriate offset to the second device in MonomeSerial.

    Remember that the kit is 40h, not a 64. which has slightly bigger buttons, so visually they won't line up perfectly, but it will still be a hell of a lot of fun.

  • yes

    this is looking very likely

    how nice and flexible as well, a 40h and a 64 for some things, or a 128 for others


  • The difference is that the kit is not a 64 kit but a 40h kit so the buttons will be different sizes and will not line up perfectly.