what? i am genko in hype machine?

  • yeah... this is weird... so a couple of weeks ago i saw a couple of my songs thrown up on hypemachine, which is great cause i listen to that site a lot, but i never thought i'd be up there.

    just wanted to let you all know... link!


    oh! and if you could tweet a vote it would be much appreciated! i hope you all like the song!


  • bumpity bump

  • thats really cool! where/who is the vocalist?

  • @sbx

    it's actually a peruvian friend who lives in melbourne, australia. her name's triana. she sent me the lyrics like spoken word and i kinda put it inside a beat and that. she had the whole concept worked out and i took care of the music and things like that... i feel kinda bad about taking credit for it, but she's just as excited as i am, so i guess it's all good...

  • Great track. I dig the spoken vocals. Nice beats.

    Sorry, I don't twitter so I can't help you there, but well done nonetheless.

  • thanks antiphon! it's ok if you can't tweet it, i just wanted to share my excitement with you guys. i'm on 194 on the twitter chart now! w00t!

    oh! that track was on my first ep.


  • mad sick dude! i am diggin that ish!!

  • love it man!

  • @pirxthepilot & simcitizzon

    thanks! i'm glad you're enjoying it!