Support Surprises

  • Contrary to all the complaining I've seen around the internet, I just had a remarkably swift, friendly and effective experience with MOTU's tech support. I thought, based on what I had heard online, that it would be torture trying to get my 828 fixed, but instead, I had a replacement in my hands six days after I shipped out the busted one.

    Has anybody else had either surprisingly good or bad experiences in dealing with the various music technology companies you might've dealt with over the years?

  • bug on the grayscale 64... tehn send me a brand new logic board. The best I've ever had!

  • I've never really had any problems with MOTU(and i've had 3 Audio I/Os, all which still work(MOTU828(first model) - did not break but after 5 years i just had to get an Ultralite(first model) - did not break, either, but after 4 more years, I had to get the newer Hybrid MK3(one month ago) because my old one didn't have onboard effects and i've been drooling at that kind of thing in the newer Ultralites for years... MOTU is just really good)

    on the other hand, Digidesign SUCKS ASS! The support will know just by your description what's wrong(they have the same problems with their devices over and over again), but then they'll charge you like crazy for something simple like a failed power-harness(i had a Digi002 in between the MOTU828 and the first ultralite).
    Luckily I had a warranty under SamAsh... oh wait, they were even worse. If you don't live near a SamAsh, they will not allow you to mail your warrantied device to them, you have to drive all the way to their store for them to honor the damn contract you signed.

    and last of all, i'm pretty disappointed in Apple. They've been switching from 3rd party tech-supporters to in-house genius bar support. You'd think this is good, but genius bar people are too busy to help, and their computers break down faster and faster and the genius bar people look for the quick fix, not a permanent solution so you end up being fine for the term of your apple care but that also means that after those 3 years, your comp is more likely to go than most pcs(and they are not very personable at the genius bar in both the stores nearby me: walnut creek/emeryville; maybe it's time to follow Visinin's good example and just switch completely to Linux).

    Also, if you ever need to buy online, SweetwaterSound is great, too. They call you up before charging you to make sure you know what you're buying, they call you again afterwards to make sure it's working fine, and last but not least, they drop a bunch of extra candy and magazines into your shipment. Nice personal interaction(in my view, business in general might not be personal, but good business always is).

  • yeah i had to get pro tools thru school a while back.
    since digidesign doesn't do educational discounts (1st reason to hate them) i bought one online, from american musical supply. because i was in school and broke i opted for a "previously opened" system ($40 off) because it stated on the page "money back guarantee"

    they then shipped me the audio interface, minus the copy of pro tools....
    needless to say i attempted to return it, only to be told that 4 pages deep in the american musical supply service terms was a clause that voided my item for return and i would have to wait until they heard from digidesign. last i checked, buying this item from american musical supply STILL claims "money back guarantee", despite my repeated attempts to bring this to their attention.

    after over 3 *weeks* of harassing american musical supply i finally just called up my bank and told them to void the charge. while this was a frustrating experience that took over an hour to complete, i heard from american musical supply *immediately* and they shipped me a new item at the same price as i had paid for a new one. by that time, it was far too late for them to redeem themselves (my class had started two weeks prior, they seriously fucked me over that semester)

    so yeah, fuck digidesign, and american musical supply!

  • korg has some of the worst service i've ever had.

    monome on the other hand has been the best. when 1/2 a row went out on my 128 tend sent me a new board right away. awesome.

  • brian has helped me so much in the past. the best thing is i dont own a monome, merely clones.

    brilliant guy.

    ive sent him emails regarding the documentary etc and hes honest and pure about it all.

    great customer service - but remember hes a musician before businessman.

  • i think this is difficult to describe in broad sweeping statements. most technical support and hardware service is done by the distributors not the manufacturing company.

    personally i work for the australian distributor of korg and mackie and take care of technical support for them, and there's another dept. here that does service and repair. in that sense each country (or region with a different distributor) is likely to have wildly different approaches to customer service.

    just saying....