seven up live 2.0, record in M4L

  • i have just recently figured out how to communicate my monome with M4L.

    in one of my sets, i have the core, 2 melodizers, stepper, looper, and controller midi mapped to some audio effects.

    i have had success playing with all of these. however, i would like to record my music making in ableton.

    recording using a midi keyboard works, but the osc of the monome doesn't record in ableton. (i armed the tracks).

    any suggestions?

  • You can't record OSC.

    If you just wish to record Audio, then create a new Audio track and route the Audio to it to record your session.

    You can record midi although I don't find this necessary in many cases.

    Create new blank midi tracks. In those tracks in the MIDI From drop down, select the Melodizer or Stepper or even Looper track you wish to record midi from.

    When playing back, the "MIDI from" of the Melodizer or Stepper or Looper Track needs to be from the track you recorded into.

    Now there is a catch. The Stepper, Melodizer, Looper component will filter out the midi, so they need to be removed to play back.

    In the next release of 7up I allow you to power off these components which lets the midi route through normally on playback.

    Experiment with that.

  • cool. thanks!

  • @bar|none

    oooo! when is the next release coming?!

  • Sorry to hijack this thread - please find attached picture.

    I've followed everythign step-by-step on the 7up Live website, but I can't get core and a few other main components to show-up/work.

    You can see in my screen shot that on the stepper and looper are visible.

    I'm running M4L 5.1 and Ableton 8.1.4 on Windows 7.

    Thank you!

    1920 x 1040 - 224K
  • This is the error I get when I try to open up core when searching under 'File' for it

    1920 x 1080 - 181K