your stuff! show off!

  • i know, probably been done several times before, but not so much since i started looking at this forum. so...
    what have you been doing? needn't involve monome's, just music or video's or whatever. post them links up!

    i'll start:
    or for the complete works from 1997-2007:


  • already downloaded that! nice one! still need to put it on my ipod, just reformatted it. wanted to linux it up!

  • i just uploaded a couple new ones yesterday at and then there's always the terrible, slow, awful-looking, awful-sounding

  • my professional reel is at:

    still working on getting the music-only portion of my site up (almost done!)

    - dc

  • you can check some of my older stuff at

    although, as i am batch 2 of the 64 and so havent received it yet, it can only get much much better!

    when i say older stuff, i have fairly recently produced a beautiful little baby boy (well not me personally obviously) which seems to have sapped my spare time somewhat!

    just waiting for the 64 to unleash my pent up creativity

  • i know what you mean. for me it was a girl last july. that and school have devoured my time. fortunately i'm learning musical composition, so my life isn't completely derived of music creation. :)

  • Hey 7oi - where are you studying? I'm curious to know how the experience is treating you.

    I studied composition at UCLA a few years back, and it was... well, interesting. Although it's a reputable University, I came away from it not feeling as 'educated' as I would have expected. At least in a practical sense. I think I may have just chosen an institution that didn't fit my personal outlook... they are much more conservative than one might think. Or maybe I was just naive.


    an electro-acoustic collage made for the I Hate Music forum compilation: Olives & Pancakes.

  • i'm studying at the iceland academy of the arts. it's a fairly new course i'm on, it's more focused on new media. it's pretty open still and not so molded in any form, so... it's a nice mixture of classical music theory and new stuff, although there should be more of the new... luckily i've taken quite an interest in classical theory...

  • for some clips etc for some vids

    monome/tenori-on/other live sounds.

  • That sounds cool. For me, if I had brought in a piece for 'Monome and open source sampler software', the faculty would've sh*t their proverbial pants. It would have been like: "Forget this nonsense and get back to writing string quartets and other 'legitimate' music!"

    They like to act like nothing reputable has been created since the 1950s, and even that is stretching it. As far as they are concerned, 'electronic' music may very well be the biggest indicator of the downfall of cultured society.

    Not that I have anything against traditional western music or classical theory - I truly do love it - it's just not what I was personally interested in writing. One would think that a composition program would encourage young people to experiment and innovate, you know, like Beethoven did in his day, rather than rehash old forms and styles just to prove that you studied a lot of old scores...

  • @jmelnyk: really liking battery collection! excellent work!

  • yeah, here the faculty usually got where they are with experimental music, so we're pretty open for everything. it's a nice environment to experiment yourself in, although it lacks a bit of discipline as well

  • btw. i'm liking the monome music scene. you guys are doing great stuff. i'm proud to be a member of the monome community. keep the links coming!

  • - rpm 2008 process - audio sketchbook

    always keep moving forward

  • Oh, and here are some of my tracks. :) Mostly fairly old stuff. I should have a lot of new joints to put up soon, after I make it through this RPM deal...

  • already posted this in another thread...but it's what I've been working on:

  • unrecognizable now (duo)
    map~map (solo)

  • most of the stuff i've got online is in the directory is probably my favorite thing i've done with the monome. is also nice. is a set of mashups performed straight through in one take (with a few bits of silence cut out)

    these three are various assignments for my electronic music program.

  • hey kevin, I love a&e. its really chilled, even with the spazz sax! (and thats spazz in a good way) ima go through the rest of that stuff now. well done

  • Rock/pop/indie type stuff

    Some medleys from some plays I've worked on

    Got a new 64 yesterday...

    Ha! Soon..soon.

    Working on music for a play - a friends masters thesis.
    First live show for the fly away tigers this next weekend using logic mainstage and my valentine on keyboards.

  • here's my mix set from november last at the warper party in new york...
    ive got plenty of tracks and mixes up at the site

  • Top notch work here!

    Here's my two cents (or kr

  • nice stuff everybody!
    I'm still playing around, not "yet" really producing.. but I have some dj-sets online so check out my podcast:

  • has been sleeping. but now everybody has a little box, so i'm hoping it'll wake up.

  • excellent! the ball is rolling very well! great work, everybody!

  • I'm here :



    thats my band, were gonna start using the monome on our newer songs soon so hopefully there will be some more tunes on there with the monomes input soon!

    Other than that, im doin a music degree at Salford uni and am gonna use the monome for my composition module....anybody got any ideas on how to score a monome performance??

    some nice links on here guys! hoping to have some of my own stuff online somewhere soon!

  • excellent! i'm going to use the monome in my final composition for this year, along with some hank-drums i'm making. i'll let you know if i'll figure out how to score for a monome.

  • @Wjt13: "anybody got any ideas on how to score a monome performance??" that is a great question! i think that deserves its own thread, even.. :)

    - dc

  • none of the songs are complete here, but i like posting my progress, plus its the first time i've ever put up music on sleepingcitizens so each clip is a sort of preview.

    hope you like!

    EDIT: the last song on there, titled trs remix preview, is a remix for the theme song to the Totally Rad Show! podcast on revision3 that i'm currently working on; if any of you watch that show

  • thanks for that link tehn...I'm really diggin the dublab session and eager to hear the others.


    All of these songs for my project were produced prior to receiving a monome, but when i play out i perform them on a 256 monome. i am planning to use the monome in the recording process for future material, once i get more of a handle on things.

    Lots of great music in this forum!

  • some of my chiptunes/songs can be found on

    i make most everything use videogame hardware. listen to 'famous'. it has game boy, c64, nes and atari st in it.

  • @Wjt13
    ....anybody got any ideas on how to score a monome performance?

    Depends what software you are using...if mlr, i have an idea.

    Assuming you have to do it the traditional way on a staff...

    Staff lines represent rows of buttons.

    I'd use eight lines if possible, otherwise I'd line the top up with the top of the staff(since that's where most of my action goes on).

    Note values saying how long to let a sample loop would be placed on these rows/staff lines.

    A number above each note saying what column (where in the loop) to push (1-8 for a 64).

    You could also put notes on the bass scale saying what column to, if the bass note was a half note, you press button 4. 7 would be tough - umm...dotted half and an eighth? I'd rather see a number though. A combo, the number on the corresponding bass staff?

    Or, stack the numbers if the rows are triggered at the same time.

    Or group the number and the notes next to each other. options.

    Getting into setting patterns in mlr, or other app specific things would add another dimension.

  • thanks for the scoring responses....ive had a bit of an idea for scoring..

    using a traditional treble clef - saying button 1 on a row is an F and then each button there-on being the next note up eg 2nd button g, 3rd a etc etc....and writing it out so that each note is a different length for however long it is played sort of makes sense to me, but it is going to be a nightmare either way i think....if only i could convert what im thinking so that it was then transcribed onto the score mode in Logic automatically.

    cheers for the feedback though! ill let you know how i get on!

  • Perhaps you could use the osc to midi apps to make it spit out the right notes and play along with a recording of your piece. Record that with logic and modify what it has made. I use logic too - just was working with the score the other day. It seems buggy - version 8 that is.

  • I totally dig all of the scoring talk! Right up my alley...

    The cool thing about something like mlr is the improvisational aspect. I think it may defeat the purpose to notate all the button presses - unless it was a routine you wanted to recall for yourself.

    I'm thinking of a more visual score - like a John Cage or Stockhausen-esque deal. Make a grid of squares representing the monome, and notate which samples are on which rows, how they are quantized, the loop lengths, etc. Maybe highlight button combinations that make good loops, etc. Then a person would have a reference to start from, and then be free to experiment/improvise. I've made sort of mini ones like this for myself - I think of them as 'cheat sheets' in a way.

    Very interesting discussion. I like where everyone's going with this...

  • I was also thinking it could take the fun out of it...but he is doing this for a school assignment - and they may want a traditional score.

    The improv guide is a cool idea. The monome seems different from traditional instruments since they have many more parameters that can be changed on the fly to add expressiveness. You just have buttons on the mono - and the tilt now.

  • are any of you familiar with the turntable notation system(s)?

    what's interesting about those is that they rely heavily on notating physical action rather than musical ones.

    since there seem to be a lot of particular techniques developing, it might be nice to incorporate some of that.


    - dc

  • @ wingo..... these visual scores sound like something i could do, do oyou have any examples of the ones that you have done at all?

    as said before it is for a university project but they are willing to accept a 'non standard' score but i had been struggling to figure out a score other than a traditional one, but ill check out some visual scores online....anyone know where there are good examples?

    in terms of improv, the idea is that mine is a composition so it would have to be 'written' exactly as it was played, but.... the score could be used as more of a guide rather than a complete note for note replication

    if anyone has any examples or links to them i'd love to have a look!

    @dc the turntable notation sounds like it could work for what im trying to achieve. in terms of physical action - that could possibly be incorporated into the monome 'way of playing' i guess

  • enos ambient 1- music for airports (and no doubt more of his works) feature graphic scores to accompany all the tracks, they proved really useful to me when i had to score some non- traditional music.

  • also have some videos I did not too long ago with my sp-404...

  • Thought i'd get in on this.




  • a little freestyle i just did in mlr. my first recording using so far-
    the top song on my myspace at:

  • my only real work to show off is Molar ;)

    Here's an old page of mine with random music I've made while making plugins:

    and some current collaborations of mine, both with a touch of monome use:

  • i don't have anything to show off at the moment, but i'm hoping to make my 40h the controller for a virtual soundscape, and i'm going to have to say've been enjoying some of the pieces. one of them sounds like something i did for my 'Sonic Arts' class earlier this year, and i got a C. er, way to go open-mindedness.

    Cheers for the interesting things to think about though.

  • firebrandboy - I'm liking famous a lot.

  • Hi everyone,

    New to the forum and warming up for the kit to arrive its time for introduction.
    I make animation films in which sound plays an important role.

    I hope to use the monome to make this kind of work in realtime. Like a stepsequencer for video.

  • music here:


    gettin a 64 in a couple weeks! - we'll be using it for production and performance.