can someone post a pic of a.........

  • 64 next to a 40h?

    just wanted to get some idea of the size difference

    (or point me in the direction of an old picture if this has been done before)


  • not a side-by-side, but daedelus took a "family photo" that has the 40h next to the 256. just mentally chop off the bottom half of the 256 and you'll see how they compare.

  • perfect - just wanted to see the difference in button size

    i have a 64 and a 40h kit on the way, thinking how workable a home made 128 will be and it looks fine, there doesnt seem to be a massive difference

    thanks again


  • The 64 is about two rows/column shorter in scale. The buttons also react to pushes differently but you can easily span apps like MLR across both. Having two is great cause you can run two completely different apps at the same time.

  • "Having two is great cause you can run two completely different apps at the same time"




  • having a 40h and a 64 would be awesome for spanning for apps like 64 step, flin, mlr, even sliders. but it's fairly easy to run multiple apps simultaneously with only one monome. it takes some thought and planning to make good sounding stuff, plus some tweaking of tempos if you are trying to beat match across apps, like 64step, mlr and flin, for example.

    i'm still waiting to see a video of someone using multiple apps who can switch and make adjustments quickly and cultivate a tight sonic environment. it's tricky.

  • how easy is side by side running with a 128? or in my case, side by side handbuilt 40hs?

    i assume i can run 2 different programs on them?