MCRP special edition: Double Monome

  • just making it more official. let's do this people!



  • oh boy. i may just have to do this one. maybe post the source file on the top post?

  • REALLY? haha. are we still bound by mcrp rules or anything goes?

  • I think this ones pretty laissez faire. Open to anyone at anytime. We should come up with a soft deadline, though.

  • Since it's all vocal samples are we able to use samples from some of his other videos mainly this one -

    a very relaxed mcrp sounds good. let it be as chilled as a double rainbow.

  • that would be cool - but maybe instead flip the limitation. for example, you can use whatever you want, but you have to have some form of the double rainbow vocals in a recognizable form....

  • ok. i'm new to the whole mcrp thing, but i am interested. what rules are you refering to?

  • well, nothing's been established for this one yet. but usually, everyone submits samples and you can make a song only with the given pool of samples.

  • cool. and where do you send your final tracks?

  • the organizer of the organizer of the particular version... probably i am genko this time

  • Ha, I heard there was some viral rainbow video, now I have seen it. And if time permits, make a track that includes it :)

  • genko where are you? i need some boundaries or is it free and open? lets make it official. also in your absence i changed my name from jazzgasm to quaziks. mcrp ftw!

  • I may involve myself, I only have a 64 running at the moment. Depends when my kit gets here. Or whether I fix my arduinome case. Either way.

  • You might find this useful / fun

  • Hilarious.