Serial Pyio

  • I really like serial pyio! but I could use a tad bit of help. I am using Windows 7 x64 intel chipset. I have Python 2.6 installed (even though it isnt required)
    I am able to use the 0.4.1 version both the exe and the file and everything works great.
    The issue I am having, is that I cannot figure out how to get version 0.6.0 to work. (I am really new to python, and since I cannot locate an installer, and only the trunk (and I am not sure if the trunk is even able to work within my enviorment)
    Is there a link or a short tuortial on where and how to install the most up to date serial pyio? I really like the features outlined in the manual.

    Any help would be appreacated.


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    i think the thread on serial-pyio testing (for os x) might have some pointers?

    wish i could help more, but i'm a mac guy.

  • I checked out the osx serial pyio thread, but being that it crossform independent, should it not matter?

    I am more than happy to beta test 0.6.0 on windows 7 : )

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the late reply, I was on holidays :)

    I did not yet release the installer for the 0.6 version for windows.

    First, you have to checkout version 0.6: it's located in: Simply use this url in tortoise and it will checkout the 0.6 version.

    I wrote some instructions in the wiki. . Currently you have to follow the section "manual installations" to install 0.6.

    If you face difficulties, let me know and I'll guide you for the harder steps. Serial-pyio is much more tested under windows and should work. I have a windows 7 box here to test.