[collab] collaborate with Steve Duda online

  • If any of you feel like joining in the fun, I'm (attempting) to make a track from scratch using entirely user-submitted content...

    it just started yesterday and I already have dozens of submissions, so it's going well. With that said it would be great to have some more, electronically-inclined guys around to join-in! Can't make a dance track entirely from metal guitar riffs, ya know :)


  • man i am in! -

    EDIT: the link seems buggered?

  • awesome!! save me with some more electronic sounds :D
    Link seems fine here... ?

  • its shite from my end, want me send them to you in an email?

    Ive got some old 8 bit noises i brutalised i wanna send.

  • I do appreciate the offer, but everything should go through the site, since I'm making the track entirely from the user-submissions there...

    Sorry to hear about the connectivity problem, their site works fast for me..maybe it will work better for you in a less peak hour..

  • ill try tomorrow chief!

  • Sounds like fun. I should be able to contribute with some sounds... See you've recieved a lot to work with already. :)

  • what's the deadline on this?

  • round 1, submitting stuff from nothing (just 128 BPM, D minor): 12 more days
    round 2, submitting stuff to go against the rough arrangement: 2 weeks past that
    round 3, final polishing stage (leads/fx/additional bits): 2 weeks past that

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