another new 64/mlr vid

  • 2nd full day with my totally awesome 64. jammin' with the aesoteric edit of mlr.



    - dc

  • sick I really liked it...nicely done.

  • really nice.

  • Thanks! I just caught on to how you can edit loops and play them them back, I never really got how to do that before watching your vid.

    Can you elaborate on how you created the samples?

  • Nice jam. I just got my 64 and am doing the same thing, getting used to it. I'm using a basic version of MLR, here's an example from my first attempts with it:

  • Well done dc.

  • thanks guys :)

    @scifihifi - they are just random samples.. i think they are from one of the sony music libraries.

    - dc

  • Im curious to where most samples come from, do you guys just make them yourselves? or do you find them places?

    I thought using old vinyl would be real fun. Not sure how to get old used vinyl to sound clean though.

  • there are lots of ways, the easiest is to simply spend $100 and buy one of these

    if you already have a turntable, this is a very easy option too
    you dont need to use any of the softare on this page, however. the only important pics are the last 2. its just a piece of plastic that takes 2 rca cables and converts them to one stereo 1/8" jack (regular headphone plug) you attach this to the 2 audio outs from your mixer or stereo system, whatever you're using

    you just plug it into your mic jack on your computer and record using whatever program you prefer.

  • all homemade sounds here.... unless you count field recordings which are technically 'found places'

  • when i'm recording for my personal stuff i use all handmade or "found" sounds.

    for my commercial work i use whatever i need to get the job done :)

    i think it's important i say that i believe there's nothing wrong with using samples, as long as you use them creatively.

    - dc

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