waiting, but made somehing with aes mlr

  • http://www.samgreene.com/files/softSoft2.mp3

    I recorded a drum loop with one mic (at4047), a guitar riff and then some trumpet. Put it into the aes mlr and used the keyboard mapping to get familiar with it. Put a little filter over the beginning in logic, but that's it. Only took me like 10 tries to get it down.

    Loads of fun!

  • dude, that was sick!

  • how did you actually record your track using the keyboard mapped fake? id like to record some of the things ive been doing instead of using imovie (not interesting looking without the lights lol)

    edit: i was actually listening while i was posting, great little mix, you play trumpet? ill be putting out a little ditty using my violin and other self recorded istruments (guitar, bass, drums)

  • +1

    Great job.

    The aes mod is really really cool...I had some fun live looping experiments with it last night. And ran into a friend of kevin's from UCSC weirdly enough...but now I'm spacing on her name...

  • the sound recorder is in the "options" menu (click the "options button")

    @rawray, one of sean's friends, or just a random person?

  • @Paul
    I had some trouble with it, but used what kevin said. I was sending max to by 3-4 outputs, but it only records on 1-2 from what I can tell.

    I played trumpet in junior high, then euphonium and tuba, then guitar, drums, bass etc in different bands. I'm pretty rusty on the trumpet...but that's ok I guess :).

    I have a violin and want to start practicing it. I took cello lessons for 3 months and was ok at it.

    @rawray, kevin
    Thanks for listening guys. I love compliments :)

    I set up MainStage with some keyboards and drums, but only did the trumpet live. The blinking light in the live area of mlr aes is THE best. The guitar and drums, I did in logic and bounced into mlr.

  • Is anyone else noticing weird looping going on in mlr2.27 aes .2 ? I've been having some trouble stopping one of the loops, i thought it was a button press error, but i re-oriented the monome and it didn't go away. Is it possible to accidentally loop the "record" button, because it starts to freak a little when i switch back to hit record with a looper still in 'record'...maybe i'm seeing things.

    @kevin - yeah sean's friend jessica.

  • im using logic too, is there an easier way to bounce regions than save as audio file and drag and drop?

    @rawray, i actually just got it to work, ill let you know if i experience any of the same problems.

  • I set the locators over a length of bars, solo a track and bounce to a specific folder for monome. I don't know if there is an easier way, but it doesn't take long.

  • thanks, that sounds very easy

    one more question,

    are you experiencing the same problem as me with hitting any key but the first in a row stops play after its played that key's length?

    for example

    ill start play on the first track by pressing 2. and then if i hit any other button in the same row or the same group it will play for 1/8th the loop and then stop.
    it also doesnt matter which version of mlr i run, the same problem occurs

    is it just me that has this problem with the fake?

  • I have a problem with the no. 1 key. It stops everything. When I press it again, everything plays. I can play with the 2-9 keys. I use the mouse on that 1.

  • lol i remapped key 2 to be the downbeat on track 1. the reason i did this is because mlr has the 1 key already mapped to start and stop everything, so when the original patch had the one key as the downbeat of track 1, it was double mapped, so i shifted the whole row over one since 9 wasnt being used anyway.

    my problem is that hitting any key besides the first key in a row will stop that track and group playback instead of just continuing from the position of the pressed key, does this happen to you/anyone else?

  • sam_square, this was really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for your comment GooseHalo!

    I've made a video, to sort out how to do such a thing.


    digital camera + recorded mlr output -> Final Cut Pro -> quicktime -> quicktime for web. Phew.

  • Aces.

    Maybe time to break out my old horn again and dust it off... ;)