[Live] Steve Duda tonight in Los Angeles

  • playing tomorrow (friday night) with my 256 + Lemur around 1 - 3 AM..


    reduced entry for anyone who rsvps to rsvp@vangaurdla.com - $10
    before 10:30pm, $15 before 11:30pm.

    if anyone wants to do me a favor and vote for me here, it is most appreciated!

  • YES!!! This news just destroyed my terrible mood. SO STOKED, CYA THERE!

  • Would be fun but my private jet is in the shop right now.. ;-)
    Have fun!

  • steve when you gonna release more tracks for us mate! come to britain!

  • thanks, amigos!

    @deanjkd, working on some new tracks! Britain is gonna happen, probably early 2011 if not before! I'll keep you posted :)

  • steve definetly do mate, ive been raving about how you'll be just as big if not bigger than your comrade!

  • @steve - i am so stoked for tonight, i have been waiting ages to get pew pew pew'ed by your lemurized-monome live setup. i am working with a similar live configuration. i hope to see you around the show so and say hi!

  • @M6live Cool, glad you're coming! The Lemur control is working well I've intergrated the Lucifers back in to the set, fixed some issues that were causing too much net congestion slowing things down.... I might go over to the Music Box and check out Empire of the Sun earlier, but I should be around by midnight at least (I don't start till 1 AM) Def. come say hi...!

    @deanjkd - cheers, thats not the plan, I'd be thrilled to get on the top 100 DJ list at some point, I don't expect to ever get near the top 10 unless I cave in and decide to start producing cheesy mainstream vocal tracks... but thanks for the vote of confidence :)

  • Could someone take some video for us east-coasters? :)