Monome Shirts for Sale

  • do you make a profit on this personally?

  • @tehn

    These aren't to my tastes, do you sell official monome shirts at all?

  • and using the monome logo as well

    hope that was cleared.....

  • there hideous eith way

  • does monome actually own that logo?

  • really? i mean, really?

  • @rishabh Do you know who tehn is? I believe he could do more than "choose not to buy it". It's simply disrespectful that you are selling shirts clearly derived from tehn's intellectual property, but didn't bother to clear it with him first.

    Furthermore, I don't believe the size of profit is relevant, it's the fact that you are profiting at all.

  • @ItsJustDave: +1

    @rishabh: at least document yourself on the subject, and ask permission to the project / logo owners before exploiting them.

    @tehn: this really brings the old "we want official monome apparels" claim ;)

  • @rud yes yes i hear you

    @rishabh please post "not official monome tshirt" somewhere on your e-store. that's all. that t-shirt company really is making money off crowd-sourcing. and i have no idea how/where their products are made.

  • why not simply delete this thread ?

  • rishabh is a contributing user, it's just a slight misunderstanding. no harm done.

  • OK, i will remove the page.

  • I don't know how to delete threads so i just removed all my text.

    Oh and I found this, just in case someone is really interested:

    I don't make any profit off this. I just found it using a google search.