vid from micromusic SF

  • trash80 using a 40h in the middle.

  • any idea what patch he is using?
    sometimes it looks like 64step... sometimes like the scrolling vu meter thing.

  • really cool. When I saw Daedalus open for Girltalk, he positioned his 256 the same way TRS80 had his: so the crowd could see the box.

    Cool vid. Could someone explain what micromusic SF is exactly?

  • I'm guessing the local San Francisco HQ for

  • I saw this show. Both Trash80 and Tumult rocked the Monome. It was *amazing*.

  • yea, it appears first guy is rollin' wit da two-five-six. (must be tumult, then)

    very cool looking app trash is runnin'. i've loved his stuff (and nullsleep's) for quite some time. definitely among the best of the genre. he has a couple vids up here: i believe he mentions in the comments for one that the monome is basically just controlling Live, while looking fancy and doing vu's, etc... i'd love to check it out but he doesn't appear to be sharing.

    i do the tilty-forward thing too. otherwise it just looks like you're pressing on the table. :)