uploading file to documentation section of this site

  • can someone remind me how you upload a file to the documentation section of this site? i want to upload a new version of my pd_mlr app, but i can't seem to find the way to actually upload the new zip file.

  • you have to be editing the page, and you click the picture icon, i think.. it's something like insert picture or file.

    once on that popup, you can upload something new or select from existing files.

  • thanks @soundcyst.

    and any guidance on how to delete a previously uploaded file?

  • that, unfortunately, i have not figured out how to do.

  • on that same page there's a delete button (little trash can)

  • "on that same page there's a delete button (little trash can)"

    i've been wondering about deleting for years(kept forgetting to ask), and i still can't find it.
    are you sure the rest of us have access to that trash can? i can't find it anywhere(and there's so many previous versions of cypher and monomahna i've been meaning to delete, d'oh!).

    i assume after you click the picture-in-frame icon which is labelled with help-popup-text "Add images and other files" you get to the "media-files" pop-up window(where i've added files), this is where the delete/trash-can should appear? but i don't see it. can't seem to delete anything, never could. anyone else able to see this trashcan/deletebutton?