what app is pirxthepilot (modulogeek) using..

  • on this incredible song..

    looks like mlr, but there are some moves that don't look familiar..



  • MLRV, the blinking button on the top row is build in delay. His loops are cut into loops, slices and oneshots

    It's a modded MLR, it can be found on the mlr apps page at the bottom under MLRV with a guide to using it

  • oh yes...

    i had trouble with that early on..can't remember what exactly the problem was, but i had to hang it up. i guess i'll have to give it another shot.


  • The problem was probably that you need to place the files xgroove and xsample in the Cycling74 folder in the correct spots. There should be documentation on it in the wiki, you can search for the files in the forum if one isn't there.

  • whoa! thanks RAH for that awesome comment =)

    yes i use mlrv but the blinking button is configured for x.plus8 - when held, you can play steps 8-16.

    the delay + other effects i control with an akai lpd8 (off-cam) which in turn controls ableton effects.

  • @pirx - i love your sound man! nice work...

  • will: gee thanks! :)

  • I really enjoy your sounds as well. I kept watching your spectre video, trying to pickup some pointers. Then today I caught this video, and now I'm wondering which app you are using::: http://vimeo.com/13390296 ... I thought it looked like 7up, but there was no blinking marker line.

  • and now i have another question... what controller are you using in the no laughing matter video?

  • it looks like a akai lpd8...

  • I would agree with you. Thank you.

  • does anyone know what app pirx used in this video? http://vimeo.com/13390296

  • icepot - using pages there (live clip launcher page).

    actually i use pages in all my projects :)