max5 related help

  • Hi,

    I am having some problems with a couple of applications running in max5 5.1.0.(41208).

    mlrV gives no LED feedback, although the sound is fine ie. clips triggering. I have copied over the files for xgroove. I just downloaded press cafe and althoug the LED's work there is no sound.

    The standard mlr and sevenup with ableton works fine.

    I am using realtek motherboard sound and have tried different settings in the 'MIDI Setup' of max5.


  • do you have the prefix set for mlrV?

    press cafe is a midi app, so you'll need to route the it depending on your OS, which i figure is windows given you have a realtek board.

    you'll want to download midiyoke-- search the forum here for a better explanation.

  • Yes I have the prefix set for mlrV.
    Oh ok I didn't realise press cafe was a midi app, thanks for that.

    I have midiyoke installed for the sevenup controller.

    I am pretty keen on getting mlrV going as mlr crashes monomeSerial every so often, usually on certain samples I have loaded.

    Thanks for the suggestions

  • Its a simple thing but have you selected your size of monome at the bottom left? I wasn't getting LED feedback until I selected that?

  • Thanks hemmer the LED's work now.