gcontrol touchscreen midi sequencer

  • just stumbled upon this...looks kinda sweet

    anybody seen this before?

    apologies if this has been discussed already!

    oops forgot link....BLAM!

  • dang! not mac compatible.

  • What a great little app, so simple, completely self enclosed (one exe, that's it!) and plays just fine with chainer and the many free vst kits out there.

    Guess I need to find a touchscreen now...

  • gcontrol on iPad:

  • yea it looks pretty cool! kind of a mysterious app.. i like the simplistic interface....enough tracks to get some serious sequencing goin!

    touchscreens can be found pretty cheap on ebay..i saw some the other day for like 20ish usd...like old cash register screens and stuff....nice cheap alt for the touchscreen inclined

    hmm how'd they get gcontrol on ipad? i thought it was windows only? im at work so i can't see youtube vids right now...=(

  • iPad works with windows too.

  • oh duh! me so stupid