mlr / mlrV question

  • hi all
    after some troubleshooting i was finally able to get mlr2.51 and mlrV running (one under max 4.6 and the other under max5).
    for mlr 2.51 pressing 2 buttons triggers an "inside" loop. how do you manually trigger the loop to play backwards? i can't do it, generally the loops stop and the last pressed button remains lighted. eventually it crashes the application after several trials.
    for mlrV, i cant produce any of these "inside loops". pressing two buttons does not seem to be detected. is that normal?
    thanks a lot in advance.

  • inner-loop is off by default in mlrV.

    you'll find it to the left of the /mlr sign in the bottom right corner of the mlrV window.

    the direction of the loop is determined by the > sign on each row of the user interface as well..

  • thanks a lot!
    is there a way to change the loop direction using the monome?

  • wow inner-loops is an awesome feature! I should have seen this earlier :)

    But I'm wondering how you inner-loop the last half of the sample? As far as I've understood, you need to push the button after the last button of the loop - which obviously makes it difficult to loop the last part of a sample. I tried to hold the 5th button and afterwards the 1st - but that just makes the sample stop playing and the 2nd button lights constantly.

    Is there another way to do this ?

    and yeah - I'm using mlrv 27.11.9 with nonome 1,24a and a launchpad (soon a monome 256). Running on mac 10.5.8.

    And thank you for innerloop-feature, anyway!! Wicked!!

  • > I tried to hold the 5th button and afterwards the 1st

    This is the way it works in mlr 2.x, but if you press the 5th button and then any early button that isn't the 1st button (like the 2nd or 3rd button), you get the stopping behavior described.

    I'd file a bug report for this in googlecode

    @jules, there are reverse buttons in the UI. it's not something you can do with a button combination on the monome unless you modify your control row. that said, in mlr 2.x, the lights travel backwards when your last point in the loop is the end of the loop (like what himstregims describes), but the sample still plays forward. it's a bit of visual flair, but not entirely representative of whats happening.