modcan modular synthesizers

  • finally, after a couple years, i've convinced myself that i do not want to dive into a buchla 200e system. so, the past few months i've been constructing a modular synth in my head populated with eurorack modules. (unfortunately i also found out planB went defunct...)

    but after a little perusing, i've found another custom synth manufacturer called modcan by the same woman who founded cyndustries. the modules are in my price range and i love the 19" rackmount case option that i can't seem to find with the standard eurorack. apart from that, more importantly is obviously the sound. from the demo's i've heard: cool smooth sine waves, buchla-esque bells, nasty crunches, and lots of evolving and beautifully textured soundscapes.

    can anyone comment on these machines?

  • You'll probably get a much louder response over at that's where the real synth heads live.

  • yea, i'd try MW too. there was someone parting out his modcan b over there last week (prolly long gone now). oh how i lust for one of those... never heard it in person tho. my opinion is that they offer some of the more unique modules in the 5u format. although with a .com system and some moon modular, you wouldn't be far off either (and it'd be cheaper).

    you can definitely get 19" rackable euro options. doepfer is the first one that comes to mind. but also analogue solutions (cheaper). and there's tons of DIY options there that are much much cheaper. just do some research/asking around at MW. 19" racking IS cheaper with 5u (since the modules are only one of a couple fixed width options, the rails only need so many holes and are therefore cheaper to make/sell) but with DIY it's not that expensive.

    i'd honestly suggest euro, especially if you're starting modular fresh and have no other modular that's 1/4" or banana. euro modules are generally cheaper and its far more popular than 5u so its easier to find used modules and there's new (and quite interesting) stuff coming out all the time. used modcan/buchla/serge are quite rare.

  • I've played with Modcan before, It was a super fun straight forward system because of it's size! I played with it for a good two hours one day.

    With size in mind I just started my modular journey and I chose Euro.

  • Thanks for the tips guys! Really appreciate the input. I've not known about MuffWiggler, so that's going to be super helpful! My huge concern is the sound and I know that relies on what modules I choose and buy, but mostly wondering if modcan has some sonic characteristics that most other eurorack modules lack. Anyways, forwarding myself over to the other site!

  • +1 for MW

    Also check out for DIY options.

  • another +1 for MW

    also, make sure you check out:

    great inventory. at the very least you can get a better sense of what's out there.