Performance rigs!! (live setup)

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    There's a thread about studio setups, but what are you guys doing live? There's been discussion here and there covering individual setups

    I just finished my mk128 and I'm actually kind of new to electronic music in general (rock dude for many years), so I'm looking for some inspiration, both in the studio (covered elsewhere) and on stage. How are you translating your studio work for live use?

    It's refreshing to start on a clean slate doing something I've never done before, but it's equally intimidating. It seems like mlr is a popular choice for recreating your studio work in a somewhat improv manner, but what else are you doing? Seeing as how most of us are doing the one-man band thing, how are you incorporating other apps (polygome, flin, etc.) into your live set with just the one device while maintaining a full range of instruments?

    I haven't been this excited about music since I discovered punk rock in middle school! Spill your guts (or pictures and text)!

  • first live solo electronic set: Macbook with Ableton and M4L running raptor (64) and Maschine. need to rework it for the 4th......

  • I'm planning for the fourth as well.

    I have an apc40, monome 40h, microkorg, and possibly my guitar in my rig (also have firebox and a tub pre amp)

    Trying to find the best way to explain it and failing... lol

    DAW; Ableton

    I'm going to have ableton organized with 24 tracks.

    8 Tracks for Side A
    8 Tracks for Side B
    8 Tracks for processing

    Track 1 and track 9 will both be routed to track 17 (Drums). Track 2 and track 10 will be routed to track 18(Bass). The rest of the track will be routed similarly by Pads, Lead, etc...

    All of my effects will be on the last 8 tracks... allowing to essentially half processing power for effects.

    Also by having the effects on indidual tracks I allow myself to make dummy clips to automate effects and gate the volume. So I will walk into the set with a number of automations ready to go.

    The apc40 can take foot pedals to start recording on a track... so I will be using that with my synth + guitar to record loops of myself playing, this will be mixed with the already organized loops.

    I will also be using a variety of max4live tools such as polygome, DJ64Fingers, and raptor.

    I'm still trying to make up my mind as to how many samples I want to use... how many I want to take from tracks, etc...

    There is a part of me that just wants to mix house music via mixed in key... but I feel like it would be a cop out.

  • sounds cool!

    i'll be running live clipchopper on a 256 and an apc40. a big live set with three effects and auditory canvas' mother glitch on tracks that I've routed all the percussive sounds and melodic sounds to, respectively. keepin it simple!

  • Well, at this point ive got my gs128 (running 2 instances of molar, 2 raptors, a boiing and a custom patch), my scs3m touch mixer for effects, levels, and activate different midi routing for my spacenavigator 3d mouse. Audio is sent out of my stealthpedal. Live, i trigger loops off molar, melody and atmospherics with raptor, and then add on the fly variation using the spacenavigator (various corpus, erosion, beat repeats all controlled using different routings triggered by holding a pad on the scs3m). Here's an older picture, trying to decide whether to bother lugging the turntable out to the gig or not...

    Im using mixed in key, want to sit down and code a patch that will listen to the playing tracks, take the mixed in key value from the clip title, and shift a pitch plugin so that my raptor notes will be in key. We'll see how the next couple weeks play out ;]

  • my brain's spinning, i love it!

    are those m4l apps you're running? Any way to run apps in the background of other apps (get boiing going, switch over to polygome, etc) without m4l?

    My original thought was to get my stems into mlr and then just toy with them there, but I'd really like to do more performing and less DJing, if you know what I mean. And even more ideally, I'd like to get my laptop hidden, but i feel i'm a few gear purchases away from that atm, hah.

    Keep it coming! can't wait to get home from work now

  • @flplsx, boiing and raptor are m4l apps, but i use monoroute for my switching needs. Ive got a few buttons on the scs3m that switch between different apps (although that uses m4l itself, but the monoroute has a documented app switching protocol, shouldnt be hard to inplement in vanilla max...)

  • ah, so that's what monoroute does. I'll have to give it a shot tonight! thanks so much!

  • My small setup includes gs128 running mlrV through ableton and 40h running midi_slide controlling effect parameters in live.

    My larger set includes the above plus an APC40, a guitar, and Fcb1010 for live looping and triggers while i'm picking...

    I'm also new to electronic music performance so I'm always looking for new ideas and constantly trying to improve the process...

  • My current live setup is a Macbook Pro running Ableton 8.1.4 and M4L running Clip Chopper with a Monome 40h and KP3 Kaoss Pad setup as a midi controller. I run my audio out of a Presonus Firebox which I will soon be changing to a duet for better conversion and portability.

    I'm really liking the Kaoss pad as a midi controller. The only pitfall is it's fairly heavy and requires a wall wart. I'd love to see a unit that runs via usb only and has no built in dsp just a dummy controller. I may ultimately go iPad, lemur is still to pricey for me although probably the best option for a monome sidekick. I want a mini lemur!

    I have two main templates in Ableton. One for in the studio and one for Live performance. The studio patch is basically a combination of a both. I use session view and have everything setup so I can record clips into tracks on the left, mixdown and resample them to tracks on the right that are pre-setup for clip chopper. Super fast process for laying ideas down and quickly getting them on the buttons.

    It's hard to explain but here's a demo.

  • @chili: how do you use the KP3 for MIDI? I've got one and have some trouble not with the implementation but with precision. The eight virtual sliders (my preferred mode) are great, but if your finger slips a bit to the left or right you end up controlling the wrong parameter. Any specific tips or tricks on how to avoid this other then being careful?

  • @chili: How stable is your livechopper? I just tried it out with my launchpad and nonome but it was pretty buggy and slow. This is one of the reasons i want to buy a monome. Dedicated control over live chopper. But is it usable with a monome?

    White macbook, 4gb ram 2.2 ghz

  • well...
    i've been thinking of this one alot...
    i've always thought that simpler is better...
    so from now on, my show will consist of 1 mouthharp and 1 floor tom....
    be ready for the jams

  • @edison - video please! lol I've got an ill train whistle I can throw in for a guest improv appearance!

    re: the KP3 questions. Ya the screen was designed for a 4 yr old's hands. Don't cross your streams it's bad umkay. Practice, practice, practice...

    Regarding Clip Chopper being slow. I have no idea how it performs with a launchpad. None of the monome apps were designed with a launchpad in mind. Some tips are to set the patch's quantize to global, make sure your latency is sub 13ms for best timing, edit your loops so they fall nicely on the grid.

    There are certain limitations with ClipChopper, limitations are good, you just have to play with it. A lot.

  • dude...
    hella train whistle solos
    thanks everyone for sharing!
    awesome rigs!

  • Laptop + Ableton + Grayscale 64 + UC 33 + loads of plugins!

  • here goes! Serial pyo routing molar to my 128 and pages to home made 64. Pages is used for clip launching in ableton. I use m audio keyboard mainly for its knob's and to midi sync to our guitarists pedals through his 28 80 looper.

  • @chili: of course i understand this =) But is your really stable? What hardware you got on your computer?

    edit: looks like it is really stable when i'm just using the mouse so maybe it is the launchpad that fucks everything up =) 64 here i come.

  • Does anyone want to share blank ableton templates??? I'm just in the process of trying to put one together... I've only really played twice to date and still don't have my template exactly how I like it for performance

  • i've been trying to get my setup as minimal and simple as possible without loosing and hurting my music in the process. (i hate lugging lots of gear and setting up/breaking down cables.)

    my latest setup was a gs128 and gs64 running multiple instances of molar on the 128 and 64faders on the 64 controlling fxs and levels. i use them both running through monoroute. in the future i'd like to add some more apps.

    also i use an novation x station25 as an audio interface and for playing lead lines and cool arp sounds.

    i've since sold the gs128 and am substituting it for a 256, most likely running molar.

  • @thealphanerd, sure. Here's mine ;] not what one could call minimal or anything, but its where i start from for live mixing or production.

    you'll need molar, live suite and m4l to use it it all, but the routings might be useful...

  • mbp + 256 + apogee one. but i haven't played a show in a while, unfortunately.

    my mbp is the original aluminum one. i want to move to a newer one and a grayscale 256 (hopefully!) so i can coordinate the black + silver vibe :)

  • @lokey

    I'm enjoying poking around in your Live set.

    I can't work out how you switch between all the monome apps? Boinng has autoconfig and so goes into monoroute; and the monoroute switcher allows you to select it - but what are you doing with the two molars and raptors?

  • its a common misconception (it seems) that monoroute only does autoconfig. It doesn't. Autoconfig is useful if you plan on starting from scratch and dropping things in on the fly, but monoroute lets you add apps in manually (in the file menu), so molar and raptor both just get defined with their ports and prefixs, and work well within monoroute. So the monoroute switch runs it all. Ive actually got the two raptors set up on the same group, so i switch to it and ive got them on the left and right sides of the 128. Not sure whether ill keep it that way though, ive been thinking maybe two groups, each with raptor on the left, slide on the right, that might get more mileage...

  • i found this video extremely insightful for organizing live sets inside of live...

  • ah suite, tom cosm is the friendliest, most insightfuliest live guru i can think of. And pitch black are understandably awesome too, though it's hard to go wrong with the pleasingly dulcet tones of the new zealand accent...

  • Ah hah! Yes common misconception to me anyway.

    That makes lots of sense. Thanks lokey.

  • @lokey - by the way, I was a little freaked that your set ran at 30% CPU on my brand new i5 MacBook pro before I even made any noise with it!!

  • err, yeah. My live set generally sits around 60%, but as noiseflowr can attest, it goes higher than that. Ive got an ewi usb wind controller that i cant really use live, as it tends to send the cpu meter to 800% when i try and send breath velocity, aftertouch and bite pressure into operator ;]

    sigh, mind is bigger than my processor, story of my life...

  • yes.. if there was some way to cram the processing power of a mac pro into a macbook pro... i would be all for that! 8 quad cores... mmmm...

  • well, the idea of buying four mac minis and chaining them all together with ethernet cables does occur. A nice padded black dufflebag to keep them together, tossed under the table, get everything running via vnc over a tablet, and four audio outputs running into a hardware mixer on the table, all controlled by a monome or two. Sounds doable ;]

    ...and probably not too much more than buying a tricked out tower and monitor i would think...

  • not a bad idea... actually. i like it!

  • substantially less, actually...

    1x Mac Pro CAN$4,399.00
    * Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” (8 cores)
    * 16GB (8x2GB)
    * 1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s hard drive
    * ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    4x Mac mini CAN$3,876.00
    * 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    * 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
    * 500GB Serial ATA Drive

    obviously a difference in the processors, but the parallel gains are still there, regardless of chip performance...


  • and of course, you'd have to name it cloud..

  • Organization inside of Ableton is key. I color code all of my clips and master scene launches, that helps.

    My current live set which is about 40 minutes peaks around 33% cpu.

    macbook pro dual core 2.5ghz 4gb Ram Live 8

  • wondering if anyone has any neat ableton effect tricks to share in a live setting? i'm too simpleminded to figure effects out beyond the most basic use of delay, filter and beat repeat.

  • experiment! for example, set a delay of just a few ms, feedback to 0, equal parts wet/dry and hear some comb filtering action! Set the delay time to a knob and then you can play your filter for some interesting effects.

    Also try linking effects together and seeing what happens when you set extreme values and move the sliders around. It certainly helps knowing what it is you're doing from a theoretical standpoint, but just fooling around can be a lot of fun. Ableton has a great feature that lets you assign several controls to one knob which is great for live use (assuming you're using ableton, of course)

  • just officially finished the new lunchbox...
    they are now brothers!
    one yellow... one blue...
    a faderfox dj2
    and a kaoss pad3
    thats the shiiiit


  • @ edison - must be set to private or something

  • Just getting used to incorporating my new 64 into my set up, but running MPC2000xl, EMU Orbit synth rack (great with polygome!) and novation bass station, and trying to get used to Ableton ;-)...........also had to spend out on M Audio midiman.....having a ball though!! ;-)

  • I've been rocking a laptop-less setup for a while [obviously means no monome :( ] and it's working well. MPC1000 + Blofeld + Microkontrol, electric guitar, vocal. Super simple and clean, although you have to do some pretty arcane things with JJOS to make it a sensible live performance tool.

  • soooo... anyone update their setup since last time? i got max4live a few days ago (hurrah!) and now i'm looking for ideas that incorporate m4l apps for live performance.

  • I got max4live about a month ago, haven't really gone in and done much though. I'm still trying to decide if molar or 7up live would be better for me, although I'm leaning toward 7up. I'm also trying to refine my production workflow to make the transition from studio to live as painless as possible.

  • yeah it would be really nice to have a smooth conversion from studio to live setup. unfortunately my studio sets are quite unpredictable and i don't think there's a good way to streamline the process.

    molar vs 7up - why not use both ;)

  • That might be the final decision, but not on the same song, for sure. Next quest is figuring out how to switch relatively seamlessly on stage.

    Any tips on switching songs? Interested in any techniques, doesn't matter what app(s) you use

  • I make one big set.