Best Mac Application to stream audio from ableton

  • I'm thinking about using Ustream... but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to stream from ableton...

    The official application is worthless... and I don't know the best way to route ableton's audio to the application. I'd prefer to not have to make an aggregate sound device for stability...

    Is there any software that is an all in one solution?

    Currently I'm thinking about using Jack to route the audio to a sound flower channel

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  • maelstrom is still my definitive asteroids game of choice, ambrosia has been in it for years!

  • What a small software world... I ended up playing around with Nicecast last night... another piece of ambrosia software...

    Although WTA seems to be exactly what I'm looking for


  • surprised soundfly/soundflower hasnt been mentioned. It be freee mateys!

  • +1 for soundflower!

  • Ableton > soundflower > butt > shoutcast
    That's how i do it..