New EP / T-Shirt package: limited edition of 25

  • Hey monomers. Check out my new ep/t-shirt package for presale now. I need to sell a few to fund my overhead costs on this... orders will ship by October at the latest. I'm hoping to sell enough to get them done in the next two weeks and have the remainder of the 25 for sale at in/out.

    Very excited about this, it's my first t-shirt, and my first "real" packaged album.

    All proceeds from sales of this limited edition shirt/album package will go to help fund my trip to NY to play at in/out fest.

    What you get: A copy of the EP, Somewhere Between burned on high quality CD-R, packaged in 100% post-consumer, recycled sleeve with hand-drawn cover art by Smyth. Each copy will be numbered and signed… 1-25 and that’s all there will be… ever. AND, a TeeVee head t-shirt printed on an American Apparel track t-shirt in heather grey in your choice of Small, Medium, or Large.

    Show some love!

    870 x 949 - 706K
  • Nice work. Dig the artwork.

  • @chili, Thanks man! Been drawing TeeVee since high school, can't seem to escape him he always crops up in my drawings some way or another. Figured I'd showcase him on the shirt.

  • Just got in on this. Good luck Jared on meeting your quota!

  • @egon77 thanks so much Charlie!

    I only need to sell 4 more to make my quota to cover my overhead costs.

    Thanks to the few other people who've purchased so far. Means so much to me.


  • Bump+update = bumpdate

    I only need to sell 2 more of these to make my overhead costs! Thanks to all who have purchased already!


  • no prob! good luck!

  • +1 more bump. Still need to sell one more. Got all the covers drawn last night, check it out.


    870 x 1029 - 1M
  • diiggin the art and tracks a lot.. so i picked one up.

    that puts you over the edge then? =)

  • @soundcyst thank you so much! You did indeed push me up to the amount I needed. Shirts should be done this week, and everything should be mailed out before I head out to in/out fest.