does anyone know if this exists?

  • i'd love a small led display maybe 12 characters, usb connection, messages by OSC. i know i'm asking a lot, but you gotta ask. if not, anyone have any ideas on how to go about making one?

  • 12 characters would be what, 8x96?

    sounds like the things that display the next bus stop on our bus lines here in santa cruz.

    i don't think they're usb though...

    as for building one yourself, you could use 12 or 15 of these:

    with a bunch of multiplexors and maybe an arduino or an atmel chip or something?

  • is there a particular application you have in mind for this matrix? you might want to consider LCD screens instead of LED dot matrices. you can get an lcd dot matrix (same idea as the led thing above) or you can get character matrices which display letters and numbers only.

    just type in LCD screen to a supplier like mouser, digikey, or sparkfun

    i only bring this up because id like to use one for a future monome like tool.

  • I have a pertelian display ( but it took some custom programming with direct serial interfacing, and the performance is not quite what I was hoping esp. on Windows. I managed to get it to take a lot less CPU by removing all of the sleep calls in their code, when I first tried even slow updates were taking 40% of my quad-core CPU (momentary spikes, but still enough to cause buffer underruns in real-world use with heavy CPU load going on, and presumably even worse on my laptop).

    Sounds similar to what you want, but I'm not sure its what you're after. I'm not too thrilled with it, even if I glued it to the monome it's still an extra device to program and interface with; not really as cool as even the Korg MicroKontrol LCD's, where there you can set the backlight color, and get one for each fader, and program easily over sysex and have no problems being updated quickly..

  • arduino to a small lcd display. i suspect there must be several tutorials online, and it'd be less than $50 in parts. it'll interface via serial, however. does bidule have a serial object?

  • guess who always confuses led and lcd. thanks for all of the suggestions. researching now and i'll let you all know what i can find. steve thanks for sharing your experience as that is relatively what i'm thinking (though i'm now thinking giant led for a performance. my hope was that i could set up something like a trace mssg screen for myself. my apps are all visual mind fucks where its easy to push a button and get completely lost. i'm hoping just a little visual something that says 'you are here' and you just pressed this. The just pressed is why i'd love it to accept osc messages, becaue then it could almost be a simul-call with the monome. but yeah i'll research a little more and post back findings..