old logic pcb + bibo keypad + faceplate for sale

  • title says all. selling this!
    i never assembled the 3 things, i only soldered them and tested it. it worked fine for a whole while in the beginning, but after some software changes i had some latency issue's i couldnt solve. also i'm taking soem distance from computer music now.
    so here it is :)
    with old i mean the original pcb, not the new edition.

    -can be sold apart.
    -fair bids are welcome
    -maybe good to know: i'm from belgium (in case non europeans would expect a low shipping cost ;) )


  • Want the faceplate like yesterday! Email me at jredsmyth (@) gmail (dot) com

    Is it a 64 or a 128? Either way, I want it.

  • still have a bibo keypad, sparkfun buttons and a logic for sale!

  • I am in interested in the keypad and buttons! email is barefootdingo (@) gmail (dot) com

  • bump! still have everything atm. the logic is reserved

  • how much for the face plate ? is it 64 ?