new app: accord

  • Hi all,

    I've just written my first app called **accord** for the 40h/64 (both in puredata and in max). It is called accord due to its similarity to the left hand bass of the accordion (see Those familar with stretta's mabalhabla will hopefully find the interface intuitive: vertical axis is pitch of chord, horizontal is the chord itself (major, minor, dim etc).

    The app has two modes (fairly self explanatory):

    * chord mode
    * arpeggio mode

    The arpeggio mode might have potential for chiptune artists (see audio demo on my site) as you can crank the speed right up.

    **Download (max and puredata):**


    A bit more blurb on my site if you are interested:

    **update** I've made an early version of the app in max too. Seems to be more stable for me and the MIDI latency is a lot better. Let me know what you think.


  • Not tested yet but a Max port could be cool

  • very glad to see more pd love happening!

  • sweet! a 128 version would be rad (chromatic root notes)

  • you can already set chromatic if you choose "fixed interval" and set the value to 1. i'll try and have a stab at 128 version over the next couple of days.

  • oh man, i can't wait to get home from work to spend another evening locked in my room! Thanks hemmer!

  • Love it! You can make a chord pushing one single button on the monome...This is not only for chiptune artist ;)
    When i stay on chord mode there is not light on button press...

  • it would be great to be able to record a pattern (chord progression in this case) and have it loop, so you can do other stuff on top

  • @bite

    yeah the whole LED setup needs a bit of an overhaul anyway. i take a look at getting it sorted for the next release. thanks for the feedback!


    that would be awesome! i've no idea how to do it, but i'll take a peek at the mlr source and see if it makes sense....

  • update: put together a Max version complete with awesome LED action. Definitely need a break from it now though! Downloads from:


  • +1 to be able to record a pattern

    It works perfect!

    Hemmer, i think you forgot to save your patch in presentation mode in Max msp...

  • SICK!!!!!! yeah double +1 for the Pd action!!!

  • @bite

    hehe so it is. version 0.2 for max should fix that:

    Updated the puredata version (v0.3) so its in line with Max in terms of functionality. It now has nice LED action too! Its amazing how porting something can open your eyes to a much better way of doing something, even if it is between two very similar languages...

  • that's so nice, thank you ! Really like the arpeggio mode too.

    by the way, what is the vst you used in your video. that's a nice string sound !



  • cheers, the vst is from a great set of free vsts called tweakbench, specifically one called "tapeworm":

  • Yes, more free vsts to add to my steadily-growing collection!! Thanks hemmer.

    I'll have to play with accord this weekend. maybe I'll try the pd version to see if pd works on win7 64-bit.

  • thanks to you hemmer! unfortunately tapeworm is PC only and i'm under mac. but thanks! i'll search something like this somewhere else.

  • @hemmer

    This is really fun! Thanks!

  • oh..what a bummer..PC only.
    anyone know of any other free VST's that emulate the mellotron.

  • used this with my improband in the studio today. lots of fun, great resaults!

  • Is there anyway to get it in 5ths the way an accordion is? Like F,C,G,D,A,E,B,F#?

  • Puremagnetik offer a number of sampler/simpler devices which sample the mellotron, they're pretty nice...

  • woah.missed this.can't wait to give 'accord' a spin

  • thanks for the feedback

    @sauce: yeah just choose the fixed interval option and set it to 7 (semitones). i will eventually add proper modes (dorian, etc) - my music theory is a little rusty.

    @evnander: i wrote it on win7 64bit so it should work. i have noticed a slight midi latency however - if you experience this, get the max version instead, the functionality is exactly the same.

    also if there is interest, i'll add a preset feature for the chord editing page. currently the only way to change them persistently is to edit the patch in max/pd...