all lights randomly turn on

  • i built a monome kit using a keypad kit and an arduino board. everything is fine most of the time, but sometimes ALL lights just turn on and stay on until i disconnect it. keypresses still work fine. any ideas what it is? last resort i will make a new shell for the arduino board.

  • it might be shorting itself into test mode?

  • would shorting itself into test mode make it necessary to restart monomeserial (arduinomeserial)?
    i don't need to restart anything. it remains fully functional, the lights just stop responding and all of them turn on (then sporadically off, and sometimes on again)

  • I've experienced this many times with my starfire arduinomes.

    I just unplug the thing and plug it back in and all is fine but I would like to stop the problem if I could.

  • Check, double check, and recheck your connections. I found that I had multiple areas that had some very small solder bridges, a few on the wires connecting my buttons to my logic board and at least one on the logic board itself. If my arduinome was jostled just right they would bridge and create the exact behavior you're describing. It took me 3 times of taking it apart and cleaning things up until I fixed it. If you have a good magnifying glass and light source take a good hard look and re-solder anything that looks remotely suspicious.

  • i checked my unsped board and noticed that my ICs were not ENTIRELY pushed down. Been playing for 30min with no issues (usually i get the light problem within 2 min.)

    thanks space_moose!

  • Very cool. If you want to be sure give it a couple of good bumps when you've got it plugged in (seriously, that's the test I used to make sure there were no more physical faults).