Anyone going to low end theory tonight?

  • Would you be willing to distribute flyers for the LA monome show?

    Unfortunately I won't have time to do it myself...

  • I'm on the wrong damn coast


  • wasn't planning on it, and i'm a bit cash strapped, but i could be down to head over there around 12 or 1 and hang outside..

    (just swung by poobah thinking how i should totally have brought a flyer or two, and there it was in the window!)

    i'll need to see how i'm feeling after work though. and i need to print flyers.. our color printer in the office just ran out of toner, so poooo.

    you got spare flyers if i can hand em out?

  • i will be there if u wanna bring them here first

  • I'm going tonight and would be happy to pass them out....

  • Just spoke to Ray, he's pretty close to me so I'll just hand them off to him.

    Kev: I posted that poobah flyer last week, glad it's still there!

  • sounds like an epic night...

    @ ray

    when you playin again on the east coast?!

  • sweet, looks like i'm off the hook.

    i told the clerks they should check out the show when they were ringing me up, and they were kinda startled i knew about it.. they asked if i was playing, then they offered me a slice of pizza. nice place for sure.

  • Poobah's is the best, see you all at Low End tonight!

  • lucky and talented folk! I wish you a good night and enjoyable vibrations! Kudos...

  • ...gotz the flyers...

    see you there!