having a hard time with ableton

  • I just upgraded my ableton to 8 and max for live. I accidentally canceled the install when it was installing the new ableton 8 library. Im trying to delete it and do a fresh install but its not installing the library. Any ideas?


  • Found this on the ableton forums if your didn't happen to solve it already.

    "My Live Library is corrupted. How can I repair it?

    Live 8: In most cases, Library problems can be fixed by pressing the "Repair Library" button in the Library Preferences. If this doesn't help, you can reinstall via the method below.

    Live 7 or earlier: To reinstall your Library, follow the procedure below:

    * Start Live
    * Open the File/Folder Preferences and take note of the path to your Library
    * Uninstall Live from 'Control Panel/Software' (WinXP) or delete the application folder (Mac OSX)
    * Open Windows Explorer (WinXP) or Finder (OSX) and browse to the library path
    * Delete the Library folder from the location that you wrote down earlier - please make sure you have not stored any personal Projects inside this folder.
    * Delete the Preferences.cfg file, which can be found here:

    Mac OSX: /user/library/preferences/ableton/live x.x/preferences.cfg

    Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/[username]/Application Data/Ableton/Live x.x/Preferences/Preferences.cfg

    Note that on some Windows systems the Application Data folder is hidden by default. To make it visible:

    1. Launch Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!).
    2. Select Tools/Folder Options/View.
    3. Check "Show hidden files and folders."

    Hope that helps.

    -Aaron C.