stribe pre-orders - short run

  • 10 kits and 10 built stribes are available for pre-order here:

  • if i wasn't trying to pay off my macbook pro...i'd be all over one of these

  • Looks cool but daaamn those are expensive I can barely afford a monome. I am going to get one of those berhnger midi controllers with 8 motorized faders for now.

  • I realize the prices seem high, but keep in mind the large number of very expensive parts required to build this device, not to mention the enormous amount of time, money and energy I've put into development.

    At some point if I produce these in a larger quantities it will be possible to bring the prices down. The prices aren't that much more than the first run, which left me in debt.

  • I'm very interested !

    Not this month, because if i don't pay my house rent, i'm goin' a homeless :).

    But i keep an eye on your project.

  • Also, even though they look sort of finished, keep in mind these are prototypes, really meant for developers who want to get their hands dirty. The finished product is many months in the future and may look quite different.

  • these kits are very fairly priced. when i look through the order photos, i almost cringe thinking the amount of work going into this project. this is a fantastic business model to support-- it gives josh a chance to fund his prototyping while bringing a new device to the community.

  • building one of those things seems intense it seems like a fair price, I Just can't afford it and I am really jelious of poeple who can :P

  • @mistone

    agreed all around

  • 11 Kits left in this run:

    Also, I should be receiving the first prototype case parts (in aluminum) any day now from BigBlueSaw, so I'll post pics soon.

    Plexi case proto is still in-progress but should be ready for a gander soon, too.