Monomeserial 2.15 error in win xp

  • Thought i post this up in case anyone encounter the same thing.

    So i received my gs64 and proceed to setup the necessary files to run it on my win xp laptop.

    Installation was smooth till trying to run monomeserial 2.15. I wasnt able to open it and there was an error popping up,

    "procedure entry point except handler 4 common could not be located msvcrt.dll"

    Tried searching online, there were some workarounds being mentioned, but it didnt seem to work for me

    At last, decided to uninstall monomeserial 2.15 and reinstall the older version, 2.13. Everything went back to normal and able to run it together with the monome apps.

    I didnt encounter the above with my gs128 on win7 running monomeserial 2.15 though. Oh well, if anyone facing the same problem in xp, try the older version monomeserial instead.

  • having the same issue here, trying to install on win XP

    I have been idle on the monome front for a long time so my mentals aren't in shape..

    my old version still works OK

    installed another (current?) version, or possibly was not recognizing logic boards which were plugged in.

    I was forced to uninstall it, to allow the installer of to run successfully. Now, after messing around in windows/system32 with the .dll in question, based on some suggestions from the interwebs, I can't seem to run that other version of monomeserial after reinstalling it (terminates before bringing up the GUI window)