two albums. the archaeologist. FREE download.

  • hey everybody.

    here is two albums i made in the past year or so. just thought i'd share

    all monome. all mlr. hope u enjoy! =P

    commodore 64 (early 2009ish)

    commodore 64 v2 basic (late 2009ish/early 2010)

  • Downloading now. Ill give my opinions once I can give it a listen.

  • One thing Im noticing as Im listening to your first album is that you lay down some very listenable grooves but they lack much evolution. So maybe shorten up the tracks or juggle some different samples during your performance of the song to introduce new themes and breakup your songs. But if I was listening to this in a live setting I would totally dig it. Keep up the good work! I would definitely like to hear more. :)

    Edit: P.S. "cents Rendered" has an awesome groove.

  • thanks man! appreciate the listen and critique.

    that first album i made within the first week of getting my monome. so yea it might be a little basic. i was still learning as I was goin so I'm not too worried about is all part of the greater evolution...i think what happend is I got carried away/mezmorized by the lights while I was recording and the songs got a little happens lol

    i think the 2nd one is much more focused in that respect and other aspects as I had more experience with my monome.

    thanks again man. i really appreciate the honest feedback!

  • just wanted to add that i'm glad u picked up on the "live" feel of the tracks. all these beats were recorded live on the fly in one take. no edits no rehearsals. just a pure moment in time and space.

  • BIG thanks for this! Great work, I especially liked khhaannnn. Made my night!

  • thanks for listening homie!! really appreciate it =D

  • a little raptor fun....

    P E A C E!