Yum, samples!

  • So I have been really really into Eskmo as of late and decided to start making more of my own weird samples. Here is the first installment, A Names For Girls. Recorded with two Neumann 184, through a Neve Poritico 5012. The only processing is a super ton of compression using Waves H-Comp. Most of the sounds are random bits of percussion hardware. There were also 3 different kick pedals that I really dug. Enjoy!


  • Cool! I'll check these out when I get home.

  • ditto! thanks active!

  • Just listen to some of your samples. Amazing stuff man.
    Thank you!

  • awesome just downloaded gonna check em out! thanks.

  • Excellent! I was just thinking the other day (no joke) that I needed some sharp, clear, analog percussive sounds. And now--voila! These are great, thanks.

  • Hooray!


  • Great !! Thanks a lot. It sounds very nice. I will put them in Polygome to have fun : )

  • yea! some of them are just behind the beat, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. a lot of them will produce really fun rhythms while looped.

  • So, it's awesome and wonderful. My fisrt monome track will contains your samples if it's ok for you : ) I can share the Kontakt patch if someone is interest, and some windmill sample I recorded during a shooting ( sorry for my english)

    Thanks again !

  • some sweeeet sounds here!!

  • this is cool. it actually works really well as a piece if you just play them all straight through.

    also - eskmo is the man.

  • great stuff!! thank you Active!

  • really REALLY dope, thank you.

  • Grabbed. Thanks!

  • Yea these are nastyyy samples. I am using them in a track i've been working on. I'll post it up when it's finished.

    Good Lookins'!

  • thanks active!
    dling nowwwww

  • ill def get these downloaded, you cool with us using them for our own i assume?

  • Thanks Active, I'll let you know when and where I use them...

  • these sound great!

  • and actually sound pretty good just played one after the other!

  • @ rawray7: ha snap!

  • These have alot of character, man. Very nice.

  • use em for whatever you would like. i'd love it if in return you posted a link so we can listen to em afterwards.

    @rawray7, @oOotini ~ yea i noticed that too! nothing like a 90 track, 15 second EP! beat that every single grind band ever!

    i hope this will be the start of a series of these sample packs now that i have access to some nice studio gear. *dance party*

  • DL'd and just listened. These are great! Thank you!

  • hey thanks mate, on the download now...just in time for monotour edmonton !

  • i'm gonna whack all these into an instrument and see what xor makes of them... :)

  • thank you! i had a lot of fun with these samples yesterday. made a drum rack of it, and played with parc and molar. here the result:
    advice/critic always welcome!

  • These samples are sick! I made a pretty short track that I intend on cutting up for MLR and playing live.

    I'll post it later.

  • https://files.me.com/ella.g/3lnwua.mp3

    All the percussion/drums are from the female-named samples.

  • Sweet, I'll play around with these next week.

  • {{http://omnomnom.org/omnomnom/table-is-turned.jpeg?400x300}}

  • om mana padme om nom nom nom...

  • Yoskiii, I finally got around to finishing a track using those samples. Figured i'd share. http://soundcloud.com/sketch-artist it's called Where is my face


  • Thanks active! beautiful.

  • yea!

    i am so inspired with what you all have done with these! i have an ep coming out soon, and a second installment of this sample pack series too. thanks for motivating me to do stuff and things!

  • Hi Active. I was setting a friends poem/prayer to music and used a couple of these. Thanks for them!


  • Hi Active !

    Here is my first monome track, made with you samples :


    Thanks again for sharing these sounds : ) .

    See ya.

  • @plasmido & rross101 - both sound amazing! thanks so much for sharing and glad you have been inspired by these!

    i have a little project page going for these releases, if ya'll don't mind i am going to link some of your fine art through it. check it out here:

    edit for right web address - http://cargocollective.com/active

  • I have a snippet up of a track I made which used some of your samples. It's called singlecycles if you feel like linking to it... the full version is going to be on an official release sometime this year.


  • Cheers for the bump!

  • http://abm089.bandcamp.com/track/singlecycles


  • also: