free kick samples!

  • As some of you know, the korg monotron makes some pretty awesome kicks. Here they are, in all their low res glory! There's a ton of hiss on them, that's just the way the monotron is. Do whatever you want with them!

    edit: all samples are dry, no processing whatsoever. Just cleaned up the start/end points.

  • maybe I is slow, but it says page not found?

  • always test your links before you post them! original post has been updated with a working link.

  • Fo' free... even a kick!

    Thanks! :)

  • thanks homie!

    u influenced me to grab a monotron myself today.

    got a free $20 card from GC.....40 bucks!

    love the sliding on the ribbon and the LFO is lovely. not to mention the filter!!

  • Sick. Ill be using those kicks sometime soon. :)

  • yeah, they're nasty little things. I'm desperately waiting for an english version of the midi hack to be released, as I wouldn't be able to figure that out on my own. dirt cheap analog bass!

    Definitely post tracks with these in em!

  • suite. These have just replaced the kick samples along the bottom row of my step sequencer, just in time for the tour show tonight!

  • nice one!! thanks homie!!!!

  • dude....... just plugged my monotron in.....oooh boy this lil guy packs a large sound!

  • yeah, it makes me so happy =)