4x4x4 kit project ideas

  • For those of you who have ordered the 4x4x4 kits, I'm hunting for ideas and inspiration for my own project and I'm curious as to what various form factors and integration with other controller types people are planning to do with these kits.

    For those building a 10h from the kit, what types of control are you looking to do with just a 4x4 grid?

    Anyone planning to build 4x8 or 4x16 configurations? Are you integrating this or perhaps just sharing space in the same enclosure with other control types like encoders, sliders, joysticks, infrared sensors, etc? If so, what are some the parts and components or even other controller kits you plan to incorporate with the 4x4x4 kits? Any ideas for interesting layouts?

  • i am using a logic kit to do a 4x4 rgb controller which i will use to do simple things like app and prefix switching. also maybe things like preset control.

  • haha I thought you meant a 4x4x4 cube at first :P

  • That is one possibility. I think a cube with 4 sides with 4x4 grids would be pretty cool.

  • multiple color LEDs certainly make a lot more sense with certain 10h configuations...

    i think i might slip a 4x4 into an electric guitar body as a kind of beautiful glowing on-board trigger mechanism... kind of like a footpedal, but right next to the strings where you could feasibly hit buttons with your hands while playing. (like an awesome whammy bar?)

    then tack on a 4x8 to sample yourself and mlr your awesome guitar licks?

    dunno. just thinkin.

    goal: cool without being too gimmicky; cool and functional. multiple applications. (what's the point of an open-ended interface if you only build it to do one thing?)

    we can do it!

  • Yeah - I think I'm going to try to pull off a similar guitar rig. We'll see how it goes, or when it gets done. I still haven't finished my last kit...haha.

  • How difficult are these sets to build ? I feel I couldnt do it without multiple visits to the ER and a good relationship with the fire department.