[OT] Snapper - Finder-based audio-editing



  • wow. like. wow. that is. amazing.

  • I'm going to try installing again later on my home system, but with the brief 10 minute test on my work computer, it was super buggy and crashed every 5th file I clicked. I hope it works better, as it looks great.

  • That´s strange JP.

    I had been using snapper 1 for a long time now and never had problems.
    Missed a few things though, ...but the update is just what I thought it should have.
    I purchased and tried it for the last 15 minutes and had no crash at all.

    Using it everyday and in the future definately even much more, great update.

    mac osx 10.5.8

  • Probably my install, I'll try again tonight.

  • so, it says it exports interleaved stereo, but the option is grayed out for me, and when i drag the snippet back into the folder, i get dual mono, even though my export settings are interleaved...

    either a) "full-featured demo" my ass,

    or b) buggy!

  • @soundcyst

    in the snapper menu prefs theres a box for 'split multichannel drags (on is best for pro tools, off for other hosts)' which is checked by on default.

    don't know why things are grayed out..

    i like this though. gonna be hard not to buy it..

  • > i like this though. gonna be hard not to buy it..

    i thought this too, until i was watching a youtube video with snapper opened and my audio slowly decayed and delayed into silence.. (playing default audio through an mbox mini.. had to unplug the fucker to get it to work again).

    and yeah, thanks for that tip in the preferences.. kindof a wonky setting.. usability bug in my book. but now it works..

    also a usability bug: the graying out has to do with whether you have a split stereo file opened or an interleaved file opened.. you can't interleave a file that's already interleaved.. slight user error, but when i'm not given any other choice that looks like export interleaved, it's completely rational..

    i should bring these up in their forum though.. bleh.

  • this is a great tool! thanks fo pointing it out!
    and its Dutch like me! hehe

  • does anyone know of a software like snapper for windows?

  • hahaha, you're welcome!

  • wow, thats pretty neat. thanks for tip!

    edit: only thing that is kind of annoying is the fact that it replaces the previewfunction (pressing space), and now that I'm using 10.8 I've been really happy about the fact that I can listen to files and move around at the same time, the ie playback not stopping when I highlight another window, but this pauses the playback if I go to another window or program. but hey, you give and you take.